Sweet like candy: Quo Cosmetics gets a makeover

A makeup line that really has it all? Quo Beauty!

Shopper’s Drug Mart’s in-store makeup and accessories line has been around for a while and new this season they have completely reinvented and rebranded the line.  Quo Beauty is now  vegan and PETA-certified and is available in Shopper’s Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores across the country, as well as in select Loblaws stores.

Comprised of over 1,000 products, Quo Beauty has also redesigned the packaging of their items to contain less waste and less product packaging.  They are also offering a full line of makeup brushes with synthetic bristles (their brushes are some of my favourite makeup brushes ever and I’ve had them since before I started blogging!).

In celebration of this relaunch, Quo partnered with celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo to create a variety of looks using this collection.

Quo Beauty reformulated products

Quo was so kind and sent me a ton of products from their new extensive range.  I’ve used a variety of Quo products in the past and for the most part enjoyed them, both in terms of quality and price point. Although I haven’t used a lot of their makeup, the items I’ve really enjoyed have been their accessories line.  The first set of good makeup brushes I had ever gotten (they were a gift from my dad in like 2009) were from Quo and I still have them and use them often.

At first glance, I really love the new branding, however, I do find it to be very young and it looks like something targeted more towards a teen and early 20s demographic, as opposed to those in their 30s (like me).  I’m a sucker for cute things though, so I really love the new branding and the price point makes it accessible for most.

So my top products?  They sent me a ton of stuff to try out and since I have only one face which only applies makeup for special occasions right now, I didn’t have the opportunity to go through all of it, however, the stuff I did try, for the most part I really enjoyed.

Quo Beauty Precision Liner

My favourite product from the line would definitely be the Precision Liquid Liner (C$12), which is available in six shades. They sent me two shades to try out, black and a bright blue. I naturally gravitated towards the black colour and was impressed with how well this works.  It’s your standard felt-tip liquid liner but it dispensed colour really nicely and boldly and I found I didn’t have to press too hard to have the colour to look opaque.  The black was also a deep black, leaving you with a noticeable line.  I would say this works better than a lot of my other more luxury-brand liners, and at only $12, it’s a total steal.

I did try the liner with their Plump Up The Volume Maxi-Volume mascara (C$10) as well, but I didn’t find it did too much for my lashes. Even looking at the wand I didn’t think that this would do too much for me, and I was right in that assumption. It was fine, but I’ve definitely used way better mascaras out there. If you want to give this mascara a try, it’s available in five shades, including a yellow, which I found to be very unique.

Quo Beauty powder face products Swatches of new Quo Beauty products

Other products I really enjoyed were their powder face products.

First up, their Bronzer Powder (C$14) is available in four shades and is a really nice bronzer to warm up the face and contour. This bronzer contains ingredients to make it light and moisturizing, as well as Vitamin E to reduce the signs of aging. There is a slight sparkle in it, but you don’t notice any sheen when you apply it. It’s a great pigmented bronzer to help you achieve a natural-looking glow.

Pair the bronzer with their Blush (C$14), which is available in 14 different shades. This pressed blush gives your cheeks a nice flush and a little goes a long way. They also include the same ingredients as the bronzer to hydrate and reduce the signs of aging.

Finally, add a little light to your face with their Skin Perfector (C$16) which is designed to enhance your skin’s natural complexion. There are three shades to choose from (I got Golden Hour) and found this to be a really pretty, blinding highlight.  I really recommend this one if you’re looking for a new highlighter.

Quo Beauty lipsticks and lipgloss Quo Beauty nail polishes and sponge

Another product I really loved and was quite surprised by were their lipsticks (C$10). They have 12 shades available and it’s a creamy lipstick that delivers pigmented colour.

They sent me three shades to try out and naturally I gravitated the most to the blush pink colour.  These lipsticks are very small in size, making them perfect to fit in a small purse (truthfully I found them to be similar to lipsticks you would give preteens since they are so tiny). The shade range is also really nice as they have everything from pinks to nudes to reds.

As for accessories, I really enjoyed their Blending Sponge (C$8). I’ve used their sponges in the past and although they were a little too dense for me when I first started using them, they have really been working on the softness of the sponge and I find now that it rivals the Beauty Blender.

This latex-free sponge is soft and bouncy and is perfect for applying your liquid face products.  Save your money and pick up one of these (which they have available in a variety of different shapes) the next time you need to swap out your blending sponge for a new one.

Quo primer and sunglasses Swatches of new Quo Beauty products

This was just the tip of the iceberg that Quo has in store for us now that they have completely rebranded the line.  They also have a complete line of hair tools and accessories, skincare accessories, and sunglasses (they sent me a pair and I love them!).

Next time you’re in Shopper’s Drug Mart, I recommend checking out the line since the packaging is so fun and the products are so affordable.  I was so surprised with a lot of the items I tried out and love that in addition to working so well, they are also vegan and cruelty-free!

Have you tried any of the new Quo Beauty products?

Please note, all products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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