To the rescue: Pixi Beauty Remedy Masks

So as I’m writing this it’s currently a Sunday and every Sunday I like to partake in a face mask at night to reset my skin for the week ahead.

Now when it comes to the texture of mask, I’m really not the picky and I rotate masks out constantly, so when I get a new one in I’m always very excited to try it out.  The newest one I have gotten is by Pixi Beauty and their new Remedy Masks.

Now these masks are huge in come in a container similar to Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. The 300 ml containers contain a pure treatment and vegan formula that you can use day and night.  All three flavours are packed with nutrients and botanicals and can be used on their own or cocktailed together for a custom regimen.

Pixi Beauty Remedy Masks

First up is the Rose Remedy Mask (C$34), which is a nourishing and toning jelly that has nutrients and botanicals to refresh and nourish skin.  It contains reship oil to moisturize and restore, argan oil to moisturize and smooth, cica to heal and help with inflammation, and turmeric for antioxidants.

The Vitamin-C Remedy Mask (C$34) is for brightening and toning.  It contains citrus to brighten and tone, green tea to firm, ferulic acid for its antioxidants, and ginseng to revitalize and balance.

Finally, the Milky Remedy Mask (C$34) is for soothing and toning.  It contains coconut to nourish and condition, oat extract to soothe and hydrate, chamomile to calm skin and sooth irritation, as well as sea buckthorn to hydrate and reduce redness.

Like I said, you can either use one all over or use multiple ones for a more custom experience.  For instance if you want to treat redness on your cheeks you can use the Milky Remedy Mask, and for the under eyes area and forehead/jawline you can use the Rose Remedy Mask.

Pixi Beauty Remedy Mask

For a drugstore brand, these are very pricey, however, you get a ton of product in here, so these masks will mask for a very long time.  All it takes is 10 minutes for the mask to wear and use it whenever your skin needs some TLC.

Have you tried the Pixi Beauty masks yet?

Please note, products provided by PR, all opinions are my own.

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