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Twist, swipe & glow! Pixi Beauty On-The-Glow blushes

Although I usually gravitate towards a powder blush, there is always a time and place for a cream blush. Released earlier this year, Pixi introduced the On-The-Glow Blush (C$24), which is a cream stick blush that contains ingredients that nourish the skin. ¬†Available in three shades, Juicy (peach), Fleur (pink), and Ruby (fuchsia), these blushes […]

To the rescue: Pixi Beauty Remedy Masks

So as I’m writing this it’s currently a Sunday and every Sunday I like to partake in a face mask at night to reset my skin for the week ahead. Now when it comes to the texture of mask, I’m really not the picky and I rotate masks out constantly, so when I get a […]

Glow time: Pixi Beauty Glycolic body line

‘Tis the season for showing some skin! Now that it’s officially April and the weather is pretty much in the teens everyday, I am starting to get amped up about tanning and wearing all my cute spring and summer clothes. With warmer weather comes showing more skin, which means that I’ve been prepping my skin […]

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