Eating well: The products from Organica you need to try + Tula releases gummies

Okay, so typically with a new year comes new health goals.

There is something about starting a brand new year and starting a new lifestyle plan that just goes hand in hand. Maybe because we are fresh out of the holiday season and spring and summer is on the horizon shortly, but if you’re like me, you are looking froward to eating healthier, moving your body, and just trying to have a better lifestyle and mentality.

Organika products

Over the past few years I have really been focused on implementing good nutritious options into my diet. You guys know I love Vital Proteins and use their products often, same goes with protein powders, and other supplements and vitamins. Because of that I’m always on the hunt for new brands and new products to incorporate into my diet.

Brand new to me is a line called Organika, which is a Canadian company that specializes in supplements and healthy products. They carry everything from supplements, powders, cookies, and much more. Since I’m new to the brand, they send over a variety of different items to try out and I honestly can’t wait to dig into them.

Organika FAV Keto Biscuits

First up are the FAV Keto Mini Cookies, which come in three different flavours.  There is Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, and Snickerdoodle.  These bite-sized cookies are Keto-friendly, meaning that they contain healthy fats, and also contain protein, 1g of naturally-occurring sugar, and all ingredients that you would actually know and pronounce.

I tried the Snickerdoodle first ones and really enjoyed them.  They were a nice little mid-afternoon snack that helped to curb my hunger between meals.  I’m not on the Keto diet, but truthfully the nutritional info isn’t that bad and they contain 14g of good fat.  Now with that being said, you can definitely tell that these are Keto since they have a slight buttery/oily taste to them.  When I looked at the ingredients, coconut oil and butter were pretty high on the list, however, that’s usually the case with a Keto diet.

A 90g pouch of these are $9.99, which is on the pricier side, however, I find these kinds of items to be pretty expensive in general.  I really enjoyed these and probably wouldn’t eat them everyday because of the price, but I like the ingredient list and the fact that they are non-GMO, grain free and gluten free.

Organika Adaptogen Milk Latte

Next up is their Adaptogen Milk Latte (C$31.99), which is a powder that you add to hot water or your other favourite hot milk beverage (like almond milk or oat milk).

This latte is full of adaptogens, including organic mushrooms and herbs that are traditionally used in Ayurveda, which is a lifestyle system from India that emphasizes good health and the prevention and treatment of illness through lifestyle practices.  This powder is 100 per cent plant based and caffeine free and also includes prebiotic fibre in every serving.  It is also dairy free, non-GMO, caffeine free, gluten free, vegan friendly, and features a clean and natural formula.

Aside from mushrooms it also includes coconut milk, cardamon, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, macaroni root, reishi mushroom, lion’s mane mushroom, and ashwagandha.

Now I know this sounds kinda weird since it has mushrooms in it, but this product is actually naturally sweetened with coconut palm sugar so it does have a slight sweetness to it.   Since this product doesn’t have any caffeine in it, you can take it anytime, even before bed.

I love these kinds of powders and find them to be a real treat. Organika recommends including four levelled tsp. to any plant-based beverage to have it on its own, additionally you can also add it to smoothies, shakes, and baked goods.

Tula Balanced Beauty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies

Lastly, and this one is not part of Organika’s line, but it’s still a great health supplement to incorporate into your routine, is one of Tula’s newest releases.

The Balanced Beauty Gummy Vitamins for Strong Hair, Skin, and Nails Plus Probiotics ($30 USD) are a berry-blend gummy that provides vitamins for healthy skin, hair growth, and nail growth.  These gummies, which include biotin and folic acid, as well as probiotics, help to calm bloating by improving the natural balance of the digestive system.

These gummies are natural and vegan and each jar includes a 30-day supply (they also have seven-day supply if you want to try them out) and you’re supposed to take two gummies per day.  I have been taking these over the past few days and really love the taste and the fact that they help with skin, hair, and nails.  I’ve taken similar gummies in the past from other brands but you guys know I love Tula, so when I saw they released their own kind, I was really excited to try them out.

Unfortunately Tula is only available in the United States for now, but for my American followers, you can use code SHAYNA for 15% off your Tula order!

I’m really excited to incorporate these products more into my diet and lifestyle.  I use collagen and protein powders on a daily basis so I am very excited to have these products and use them in addition to the positive lifestyle intentions I incorporate everyday.

Have you tried Organika products?

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