Fasten your seatbelt: My top sets from Fresh Beauty for the travel-obsessed

If there is one thing to stock up on this holiday season when it comes to beauty, it’s definitely skincare items.   Since skincare is typically pretty expensive, the holidays are a great time to get some fantastic deals on gift sets or bundles, often saving you some major cash.  And, if there is one brand to invest in, it’s definitely Fresh.

Fresh is one of those brands that is consistently amazing, and since their products don’t come cheap, you can find some amazing bundles around the holiday season. I often get these every year and they never disappoint (and make amazing gifts, my friends always request them haha), so keep reading to learn about the sets I recommend you pick up this season.

Fresh holiday sets, Facial on the Fly and Frequent Flyer set

Fresh Facial on the Fly

Facial on the Fly

The whole theme this year with Fresh’s sets is travel, so as someone who travels often, you always need some fab TSA-friendly skincare products. One of my favourite cleansers to travel with is the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser since it’s so soothing on your face and really deep cleans it morning and night.

The Facial on the Fly set (C$31, a C$43 value) has a 20 ml version of my beloved Soy Face Cleanser, as well as a 15 ml Rose Face Mask and a 15 ml Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturizer.

Although I use a lot of skincare products on the ‘reg, when I travel, in order to save space (so all my items fit in one of those small ziplock bags), I really try to prioritize what I need.  A cleanser and moisturizer are the essentials, however, with travel comes breakouts, which means that the Rose Face Mask definitely comes in handy. This product has real rose petals in it for instant soothing hydration (you could even wear it on the plane to lock in some moisture).  Finish off your face routine with the Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream, which will deliver 24-hour moisture with a dewy glow.

At $31 this is a steal and definitely one of the best skincare sets I’ve seen. The moisturizer and mask are small, however, if you are gifting this to someone who travels often (of if you yourself are always on the road), then I would look into picking this set up.

Fresh Frequent Flyer set

Frequent Flyer

If you’re looking for a set that has a larger version of the Soy Face Cleanser, then the Frequent Flyer set is right up your alley.

For C$26, the Frequent Flyer set gifts you a 50 ml version of the Soy Face Cleanser, along with 2.2 g of the Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy.  The 50 ml of the Soy Face Cleanser retails for C$20, so for $6 more you also get the lip treatment (which is ultra luxurious and moisturizing might I add; the full size 4.3 g size retails for C$32).

I think this is the perfect stocking stuffer or small gift (Secret Santa, perhaps?) since it contains two essentials, a cleanser and a lip balm. I am always in need of a lip balm so these always come in handy. Also, I find them when it comes to travel-sized products in general, it’s easier to get a moisturizer than it is a cleanser, so I definitely recommend picking this set up.

Fresh Mask for Miles set

Mask for Miles set

For the girl (or guy) who loves to mask, then they’ll love the Mask for Miles set.

Included in this set is a flight of Fresh’s bestselling masks for any skin type and mood.  This retails for C$94, but has a value of C$133 in here, so I’m sure it’ll be a hit with whoever you gift it to.

Included in the set is a 30 ml of the Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask, which is a hydrating mask; a 30 ml of the Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask, which is a five-minute facial in a jar that targets dull, rough, and uneven skin for a smoother, brighter complexion; a 30 ml Sugar Face Polish, which is a two-in-one face scrub and mask that buffs and hydrates with real brown sugar and strawberries; and a 30 ml of the Rose Face Mask, which contains real rose petals suspended in a silky gel that hydrates and tones for supple, dewy skin.

I’ve been using Fresh masks for years now and the fact that you get four of these masks in this set is amazing. They are the smaller sizes (they sell the 30 ml sizes on Sephora for around C$43, whereas the 100 ml sizes retail for over $100), but it gives you or your gift receiver a nice array of different masks to try out. If you have someone who’s on your list who is a huge Fresh fan, then I would definitely look into picking up this set.

Fresh Advanced Lip Treatment

Fresh Zodiac Sugar Lip Treatments

Finally, for something a little different, if you are looking for a stocking stuffer or small gift, then you can’t go wrong with the Fresh Zodiac Sugar Lip Treatments (C$32 each). Available in every Horoscope sign (remember in the early 2000’s when you would wear shirts that say your Zodiac sign on them?!), Fresh has redesigned their cult-fave Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment in a limited-edition packaging.

Fresh paired up with astrologer Susan Miller to guide you into 2019 depending on your sign:

  • Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are highly creative and full of enthusiasm and energy. Fire signs are natural-born leaders.
  • Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus are dedicated and responsible—you can always count on them. Earth signs also know how to turn dreams into reality.
  • Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius are the most intellectual of the signs; they value curiosity and truth. Air signs can always offer a balanced view on opposing issues.
  • Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are emotionally reserved, but their feelings run deep. Water signs have a psychic quality to them; they have a knack for reading your true intentions simply by noticing your gestures and body language.

Fresh Advanced Lip Treatment

Fresh also has all the horoscopes online, and after reading mine (I’m a Gemini), I was in awe in how spot on it was.  I’ve always been fascinated with horoscopes (back when I was dating, I would always find out the guys horoscope to see if we were compatible), so I love the idea of these lip balms. Plus there’s literally one for everyone; everyone has a horoscope, so I think this will be a total winner no matter who you gift it to.

No matter what you choose, you really can’t go wrong with skincare since it’s an item you always use. I’ll be doing another roundup soon which includes other skincare sets, but honestly, any of these Fresh sets will sure be a hit no matter who gift them to.

Are any Fresh sets on your holiday wish list?

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