Brows on point: New brow products from Fenty Beauty

I can honestly say that Fenty Beauty is one of my favourite makeup brands.

I’ve tried everything from their foundation to their eyeshadows, mascara.. you name it and for the most part, I’ve tried it and loved it. One item that was missing from their collection? Brow products!

Released earlier this year, Fenty released a couple brow products, the Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler (C$26) and the Brow MVP Sculpting Wax Pencil & Styler (C$26).

Fenty MVP Brow products

Starting first with the brow pencil, this pencil is available in a staggering 14 shades, which I feel is a larger shade range than other brow products out there.  This product features a retractable pencil on one end and a paddle brush on the other to blend and style.

The pencil itself features a fine tip, ideal for creating hair-like strokes that emulate your natural brow hairs.  The other side features the paddle brush, which is unlike anything I have seen in a brow product.  It actually works quite nice in brushing the hair, either pushing them up for a laminated look or to keep them in check.

The brand sent me the shade Ash Brown, which is described as being for light to medium brown and grey hair/taupe with a cool undertone.  My brows are pretty dark; not quite black, but a dark brown, so this pencil doesn’t really cut it for me in terms of the shade match.  I found it’s fine for day use, but if I want to make my brows stand out, I would reach for something a little more suited to my natural brow colour (Dark Brown would be more my jam).

Fenty Beauty Brow MVP Sculpting Wax Pencil & Styler and Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler Fenty Beauty Brow MVP Sculpting Wax Pencil & Styler and Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler

I didn’t really find this pencil to be too creamy, but more so on the waxy side, which works well for keeping your natural brows in check. Personally I like more of a creamy pencil and one that is more pigmented. I don’t like applying too much pressure for the pigment to show up, which I found I had to do with this one.

As for the Brow MVP Sculpting Wax Pencil & Styler, this is a clear, universal brow wax that helps to shape and set your brows.

On one of the pencil is the wax, which is an angled gel that allows for a simple application. The brand says that it is a sweat and water-resistant formula that will set your brows for hours.  The other end features a larger paddle brush than the pencil to help comb your brows into place.

I actually really liked this product and would recommend this one over the pencil.  I have a few different brow setters and I really like this one since it is a wax formula rather than a gel, so it sets the brows a little more than the latter formula.

Swatches of Fenty Beauty Brow MVP Sculpting Wax Pencil & Styler and Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler

Like I said in the beginning, I adore Fenty, however, I feel like these could have been better than they are and I hope that they redo the formula of the brow pencil since there are others out there that perform way better than this one (there is a reason why Benefit is known for their brow products).  If you were to choose one to try out, definitely go for the wax since it universal in shade and also helps to set your brows (which for me and my microbladed brows, is the perfect companion).

Please note, I received this product from PR. All opinions are my own.

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