Bronze from down under: Bondi Sands Aerated Self Tanning Foam

I love self tanners.

My skin doesn’t tan very well naturally so the use of a good self tanner is a must for me.  This year was a bit different than other years since I usually go through bottles of the stuff in the summer, but since I was working for home, I actually got a natural tan for once in my life. So that coupled with the fact that I didn’t really do anything or go anywhere, I haven’t really applied much self tanner over the past few months (I don’t apply it unless I have a reason to do so since I don’t want to waste this precious nectar… hey, self tanners are expensive!).

Anyways, regardless of this, I would never say no to trying out new formulas and a new one to me is Bondi Sands.  They reached out to me a few months ago over Instagram and mentioned that they are now sold here in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart, making it easy and affordable for everyone to find it.

Bondi Sands Aero Ultra Dark Tanning Mousse

Named after and inspired by Australia’s Bondi Beach, Bondi Sands is a line of at-home self tanners that is modelled after salon-quality tanners. The formula contains premium green/blue dye instead of the usual orange/yellow dye, so you end up with a natural-looking tan instead of an orange one. In terms of products, they offer everything from self-tanning lotions to foams to dry oil and so much more.

The brand sent me their Aero Ultra Dark Tanning Mousse (C$41.99), which is a weightless tanning mousse that glides on the skin and is light in texture and touch.  They also sent along their tanning applicator mitt (C$8.99), which I used to apply it with.

This tanner also contains Vitamin E and jojoba to hydrate and nourish the skin as you wear it, as well as dual-action tanning actives to give you a deep and long-lasting colour.

In terms of application, this stuff works the same way as other mousse tanners out there.  Dispense it on the mitt and then rub it onto your body. This didn’t feel heavy or tacky at all, which was really nice.

Bondi Sands Aero Ultra Dark Tanning Mousse

I like to apply my tanner at night to let it develop over night and wake up nice and tanned. Bondi Sands says you can apply more of it a few hours after the initial application for a darker tan.

So how did the colour develop?  I was expecting more from a tanner that is billed to be “ultra dark”. I would say that I woke up with a glow, but nothing too dramatic.  I have used other tanners that give me a deeper colour after one application. With that being said, I like to go big or go home, which I understand isn’t for everyone, so if you like a lighter tan, then I think you’ll enjoy this.

Swatches of Bondi Sands Aero Ultra Dark Tanning Mousse

So how does this compare to other brands?  I felt like it did the trick but I would have to say that I have tried other tanners that give me a deeper tan after one application.  I’ll continue to use this to see if I continuously get the same results, but first impressions didn’t really leave me too satisfied with the colour.  It was a nice glow, I just wished it would have looked darker.

Have you tried Bondi Sands?

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