Timecrunch?: Quick tanning products from St. Tropez and Vita Liberata

Last Saturday I went blonde again.

I’ve been wanting to go blonde for awhile so when I had the opportunity to check out a new salon in town here, I wanted to make the plunge once again and go way lighter. With blonde hair though, comes the need for a tan. Since I’m naturally quite pale, blonde hair makes me look vampire-like, so hence the need for self tanner.

Although I love self tanner, I feel so lazy at the mere thought of applying it.  I use it before bed and then when I wake up I’m nice and golden. I typically don’t shower it off though until after a fitness class where it looks like I’m melting because my sweat looks orange due to the fact that I haven’t showered off the colour guard. Because of that, it drastically affects when I apply tanner.

But what if you could apply tanner in the shower and not have to worry about it?

I’ve blogged about these products before but have been holding onto them for a while since I really wanted to try them out. There are a number of in-shower self tanners out there, a couple of which are by my favourite brands.

First up is Vita Liberata’s 10 Minute Tan. You apply this stuff 10 minutes before you head into the shower. It uses advanced organic technology that plumps and conditions the look of skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and supports natural collagen production.  It also has vitamin C and omega oils from rosehip to lock in moisture.

So like the name says, you apply this 10 minutes before the shower, then simply lightly rinse it off. Since you’ll be going into the shower, you don’t have that gross self tanner smell once you step out, and the colour ends up developing in the hours after you rinse it off. You don’t have to worry about wearing loose-fitting clothing and you don’t have to freak out about getting wet.

So does it work? I was super sceptical about this because is sounds too good to be true. Although I love the idea of the product and how easy it is, do you really want to be standing about for 10 minutes naked before the shower? Ten minutes is a long time, and they recommend even longer for a deeper tan. I’ve used this a couple times and to be honest, I didn’t really notice that much of a difference. Maybe I had a slightly deeper colour, but definitely not the colour I would get from using the regular Vita Liberata self-tanning mousse.

Next up is St. Tropez’s In Shower Gradual Tan. This stuff works the same way although you actually apply it in the shower (with the water turned off of course). Stand there for at least four minutes and then rinse it off. This product is made with 100 per cent natural DHA and is infused with sweet almond oil to nourish skin for a smooth, soft, and hydrated finish. They recommend using it daily for an intense tan.

I like the fact that you only need to have this on for a few minutes, also, because you are already wet, the product tends to glide on your skin, making it a super quick application with less product.  As with the Vita Liberata product, you can get dressed right after and you don’t have to worry about self tan lines. I used this during my evening shower a couple days ago and although I already had self tanner on from before, I feel like I do look a little darker. If anything, it maintained my tan and make it look more even.

Before and after using St. Tropez In Shower Gradual tanner

Overall, these in-shower tanning products didn’t really impress me. If you are looking for a quick bronzed glow, I would go the regular way and apply a traditional self tanner. I do recommend these products though for maintaining your tan since it does get tiresome to always apply a normal self tanner. This one is easy, especially the St. Tropez one since you put it on in the shower (and in less time). Just do a deep-conditioning mask to kill two birds with one stone.

Have you tried any in-shower tanning products? What were your thoughts?


Please note, I was sent this product for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own.

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