High gloss gal: Avon x FMG Ink High-Gloss Lacquers

Opaque colour, high shine, and stand-out lips.  Need I say more?

Okay, so obviously the first thing that came to mind when I first started swatching Avon x FMG’s new Ink High-Gloss Lacquers (C$30 each, on sale right now for C$24!) was damn these are really nice but too bad they are tacky to wear under a mask.  COVID aside though, these are some pretty gorgeous lip products.

Avon has been releasing a lot of products lately with various Korean beauty brands and these are just some of the newest additions to their roundup.  The FMG Ink High-Gloss Lacquers are available in six shades and are designed to coat the lips in high-gloss colour, while making them look larger and nourishing them with various oils.

 Avon x FMG Ink High-Gloss Lacquers  Avon x FMG Ink High-Gloss Lacquers

Avon sent me four of the six shades and I was pleasantly surprised with the shade range.  I’ve tried a few different iterations of these high-gloss lacquers from different brands and I feel like they are usually in various red shades. When I saw the nude colour, Frozen Beige, I instantly fell in love since it’s a pretty gorgeous nude colour that isn’t too dark or doesn’t lean towards too pink or red either.

Overall I really love these and was impressed with the finish, colour payoff, and the comfort factor. These are really nourishing on the lips and would be good to throw in your bag if you want some hydration and some colour as well.

Avon x FMG Ink High-Gloss Lacquers swatches

Have you tried the Avon x FMG Ink High-Gloss Lacquers yet?

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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