Pink things: Products you need to try from Pixi Beauty this fall

Okay, so just like a lot of people, I haven’t been wearing a ton of makeup lately. Unless I’m going out with friends or just want to dress up on a Saturday to go to the grocery store, I’m not wearing a ton of products.

But with that being said, when I have put on makeup, it’s usually not a lot of it, which when I got in some new Pixi Beauty products that are some multi-purpose items, they were right up my alley.

Pixi Beauty Summer Glow Palette

The Pixi Beauty Summer Glow palette (C$28) is the ultimate multi-purpose palette that features a wide range of shades that are suitable for both the eyes and cheeks. These powders are a natural mineral formula in both matte and glowing finishes. The powders also contain Vitamin E to nourish and protect, mica to give off a lustre finish, and skin-conditioning emollients to soothe and hydrate.

When I first got this palette I thought it was all eyeshadows, but then when I saw that it was multi-use I thought it was so smart since it’s the perfect palette for those who like to keep it simple.  Use the brown shades to contour and then the pink ones for blush, and that pretty champagne as a highlight.  All the colours can also be used as eyeshadows as well.

Pixi Endless Shade Sticks

Apply the eyeshadow over top of their Endless Shade Sticks (C$20). These cream shadows, available in seven shades, are infused with green tea, aloe, and chamomile to hydrate, soothe and calm.

Pixi sent me two shades of these and these are great to wear either alone or as a base for your powdered eyeshadow. Just swipe it on and you’re good to go!

Pixi Beauty Large Lash mascara

Finish up the eye area with the Pixi Beauty Large Lash Mascara (C$22), which is a volumizing and lengthening mascara that has a buildable formula to really pump up lashes.  Swipe it on for volume and stand-out lashes.

This mascara features an oversized brush to separate, lengthen, and plump up lashes.  It also has a water-resistant formula, as well as being smudge proof.

Truthfully, I have used better mascaras before and I do find the wand to be nothing special. As you’ll see in swatches photo below, it does the trick but I wouldn’t say it’s anything outstanding.

Pixi Beauty Lip Lift Max

Lastly, for the lips, the Lip Lift Max (C$20) is the perfect gloss to complete any easy makeup look. Available in five shades, this gloss plumps up the lips and leaves them with a cooling sensation and glossy finish.  The formula contains peptides to hydrate, firm, and plump, as well as aloe to heal, jojoba to moisturize, and chamomile to soothe. It also has a fresh mint flavour, which is very pleasant and a real treat.

Pixi sent me the shade Sweet Nectar, which is a beauty coral shade that looks great either on its own or over top of another lip product.

Pixi Beauty summer products swatched Pixi Beauty summer makeup

I really enjoyed these products (and the custom bag they sent them in, they always send the best PR packages).  Like I said, I haven’t been wearing a ton of makeup lately so these products do just the trick.

Have you tried Pixi Beauty makeup before?

Please note, products provided by PR, all opinions are my own.

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