Pink petals: Arbonne Matte + Shine Lip Duo

I’ve really been into glosses lately.

I’ve never really been a gloss girl in the past since I find the consistency to be annoying for me to wear. I have long hair, so as soon as I step outside, hair tends to get stuck on my lips almost instantly.  With that being said, I have built up my gloss collection considerable this year alone and find that although I still find the consistency annoying, I actually like the way it makes my lips look, and I’m willing to bite the bullet for pretty-looking lips.

Anyways, when I got in a couple of Arbonne’s new Matte & Shine Lip Duos (C$36) lately, I was excited to give them a shot.

Arbonne Matte + Shine Lip Duo

Just like the name implies, this is a dual-ended lip product with a matte cream on one end and a high-shine gloss on the other.  You can either pair them together or wear them solo depending on the look you are going for.

The matte side is a velvet smooth formula that delivers pigmented colour without over-drying the lips, whereas the gloss side is a creamy, non-tacky lipgloss that also packs on colour. The formula is buildable and delivers sheer-to-medium coverage.

As for the formula, since it’s Arbonne, you know it’s going to be gluten-free and vegan. The matte lip colour contains mineralized clay, which is sourced from the Mojave desert, to extend the wear of lip colour and provide a smooth matte finish.  It also has moisturizing polymers to provide a hydro-lipid layer to help colour pigments disperse evenly for lightweight and longer wear.

The gloss end meanwhile contains naturally derived botanicals, sunflower seed oil, and passionfruit seed oil to hydrate the lips, as well as peptides to make the lips appear larger. It also has moisturizing polymers to help colour pigments disperse evenly for lightweight, longer wear, and leontopodium alpine extract from edelweiss plant to soothe dehydrated lips.

Arbonne Matte + Shine Lip Duo

Arbonne sent me two of the seven shades to try out, Fleur (pink) and Bloom (mauve). Since I love baby pinks, I was instantly drawn to Fleur, however, once I got to swatching both of them, I really appreciated both colours.

I really loved how the colours looked once applied and was happy to see how pigmented they were, especially the glosses, which tend to be more fair in general when you apply them. As you can see in the swatches below, the colour applies really nicely and although I didn’t photograph what they look like layered together, the look is very pretty.

Arbonne Matte + Shine Lip Duo Fleur swatches Arbonne Matte + Shine Lip Duo Bloom swatches

Overall I really liked these and definitely plan to wear them often this summer (especially Fleur, can we talk about that pink?!). Also, at $36, I think it’s pretty good value since you get a matte lip colour and a gloss all in one, which is pretty good since Arbonne is typically on the pricier side to begin with.

Have you tried Arbonne’s Matte + Shine Lip Duos?

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