Feeling electric: Urban Decay Wired palette

The first time I ever saw Urban Decay’s Wired palette was this past December when I visited a PR firm in New York City.

It was actually the first time I had ever been in a PR office, and I can tell you, it was as cool as you think it would be.  The entire parameter of the office had bookcases and on each bookcase were endless amount of beauty products that were sectioned off by brands. After my meeting I got to go around and basically pick out whatever I wanted. You guys, I felt like a kid in a candy store. It was like going into Sephora and basically taking whatever you wanted.

Urban Decay Wired palette

Anyways, in the beauty closet the girl opened a box and brought out the Urban Decay Wired palette, which she then told me something along the lines of “here’s a preview of Urban Decay’s next palette but don’t tell anyone yet since it’s not released”. I mean those words aren’t verbatim, but it was something along those lines…

Anyways, fast forward a few months and I receive Urban Decay’s Wired palette in the mail. This palette is a rework of their original Electric palette and part of their Wired collection, which features this palette, double-ended liner & top coats, a collection of 24/7 Glided Eye Pencils, and five bright shades of their Vice Lip Chemistry.

Urban Decay Wired palette Urban Decay Wired palette

The Wired palette (C$59) is not for the faint of heart and features 10 high-pigmented shades in a variety of bright colours. This palette has pressed pigments and is divided into two sections, one for face, body, and eye, and the other for just face and body.  There’s a range of blues, pinks, purples, and oranges, as well as a white, and is a super fun palette to play around with.

Now if you are a neutral-loving girl, you will not get any wear out of this, however, if you like adding a pop of colour (no pun intended) into your looks, then you’ll love this.  I have a few of these bright-coloured palettes, and although they don’t get a ton of use since the colours are so unique and more appropriate for special occasions, these are fun to pull out every once in a while.

I’ve played around with a few of these shades and found them to be pretty pigmented as just shadows. If you want to mute the colours a little bit, you can layer them over the white shade, Glitch.

Urban Decay Wired palette swatched As for the face and body shades, these do contain an ingredient that isn’t safe for the eyes in the U.S., so they are sectioned off in the palette so you don’t mix them up with the ones that you can use on the eyes.  Unless you work in special FX or are planning on attending a music festival (which are all cancelled or postponed right now anyways), you probably won’t be using these shades too much on the face and body, however, the pink (Savage) and coral (Slowburn) and orange (Switch) could be suitable as a blush as well (just go in with a lighter hand).

Overall, this palette may not get a ton of use in your collection, however, I think it’s super fun for summer time and also a unique palette that would be entertaining to pull out for special occasions (Halloween, Pride festival, music festivals, etc.).

I’ll be uploading an IGTV later today featuring a really fun look I did with the blue tones in here and actually really loved how it turned out. Although I tend to gravitate towards neutrals, I do love applying a blue liner every once in a while for a fun, bright look.

Will you be picking up Urban Decay’s new Wired palette?

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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