Nice ‘n smooth: CoverGirl Melting Pout liquid lipsticks

If there’s one product that I’m always excited to try out, it’s new lipsticks.

Even though my makeup collection is filled with lip products, if I’m at the store and I see a display for a new line of lippies, I always seem to get so excited to swatch them. I have to know how the formula is and how they apply.

I ran into this dilemma a couple weeks ago when I spotted CoverGirl’s new lip products, the Melting Pout gel liquid lipsticks. These creamy liquid lips offer high-impact, opaque colour that is comfortable to wear and hydrating. Lip colour dries to a satin finish and isn’t sticky or tacky. There are 12 shades available, everything from nudes, pinks, corals, to even a navy blue.

CoverGirl advertises these as being just as good as a $20 lipstick. When I first saw them, I automatically thought of Too Faced Melted Liquified Longwear Lipsticks, which not only do both have the term “melted” in the name, but they have similar packaging and a similar formula. Of course Too Faced isn’t the only brand to offer these, Make Up For Ever has their own version (Artist Acrylip Lip Paints) and same with Maybelline (Colour Jolt).

I received three of the 12 shades, 100 Gelebrity (taupe nude), 110 Evan-gel-ical (pink), and 120 Tan-gel-o (coral red).  These are in a squeeze tube and feature a soft angled tip that dispenses the product. You have complete control over how much you apply, meaning that if you want a more bold colour, squeeze the tube a little harder, or for a light wash, just apply a little.

Although they bill these as having a satin finish, I find that the more product you apply gives you a glossy look, whereas if you apply a little, you’ll get more of a stain. You definitely get a nice wash of colour right off the hop, which is great, since what you see is what you get. Wear time isn’t that much if you are eating or drinking, so you’ll definitely need to keep this on hand if you’re wearing the colour out (and most especially for the darker or red shades).

Overall, I did find these compared to the other similar ones out there by different brands.  At around C$10 a pop, these are affordable to pick up. The Maybelline ones retail for C$11.99 a pop, so they are a less expensive by a couple bucks.

Have you tried the CoverGirl Melting Pout Gel liquid lipsticks yet?

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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