Ambient lights: NARS Afterglow palettes

I’ve had this newfound love with NARS lately.

I’ve always loved NARS in general and if were to ask me what my favourite foundations are, NARS Sheer Glow definitely is at the top of that list.

I feel like in general the brand doesn’t release as many products as their other counterparts, but when they do, they are always so amazing. One of their newer drops is their Afterglow collection, which is made up of two palettes, a variety of lip products, a tinted glow booster and a body glow.

NARs Afterglow palettes

Although I do have a number of items from this collection, including a couple of their Afterglow Lip Balms and the Tinted Glow Booster (which I actually left back in New York), I wanted to focus this post on their two palettes, an eye one and a cheek one.

The Afterglow Eyeshadow Palette (C$78) is a limited-edition palette that houses 12 shadows in mattes, shimmers, and glitters.  Although the palette is stunning when you open it, the outer casing is unique and gorgeous and features a melted chrome finish in a copper hue.

Inside, this palette has warm-toned shades that will be sure to turn up the heat when you pull this out. The shades in here will truly take your breath away and the colours range from creamy nudes to matte browns to shimmery champagnes and copper and gold glitters. Seriously, this palette will literally make you gasp when you open this palette for the first time.

NARS Afterglow eyeshadow palette

Since NARS is known so well for their blushes (Orgasm, anyone?), you need to get your hands on their Afterglow Overlust Cheek Palette (C$78). This palette features the same casing as the eyeshadow palette and opens up to six different blushes and gel-to-powder highlighters.

All six shades in this palette is brand-new and you’ll find three blushes and three highlighters in here.  The blushes range from a satin soft rose (Let It Burn), a satin nude pink (Get Lost), and a satin dusty mauve (Body Talk), meaning that this palette will suite a variety of skin tones.  The highlighters are a really cool formula and feature their Skinfused Glow Technology, which gives a pearlescent luster that glides effortlessly on skin for a beautiful, glowing finish. The shade range in the highlighters is a shimmering champagne (Tied Up), shimmering golden bronze (Deep Down), and shimmering rose bronze (Drift).

NARS Afterglow cheek palette

Since NARS so well known for their blushes, whenever they release a new cheek palette I pretty much salivate at the thought of getting my hands on it. These colours apply so beautifully and flawlessly that this palette is the only cheek one you’ll need going into the spring and summer season.

As much as I love this palette, I do wish there was a bronzer in here to make it a complete set. With that being said, I have used Body Talk, the mauve shade, for my contour and it definitely works if you are pale like me.

NARS Afterglow palettes swatched NARS Afterglow palettes swatched

NARS has released a few different palettes lately (more reviews coming soon!), but I have to say that these two are definitely my favourite ones. I absolutely love the shade range that they chose to include in both the eyeshadow and cheek palette and I really think you’ll also love these if you are a fan of NARS.

Have you picked up anything from the NARS Afterglow collection?

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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