Lashes & liner: Rimmel London Scandaleyes Volume on Demand mascara and Wonder Ink liner

If I were to recommend a few different fave mascara lines to try out from a drugstore brand, Rimmel London’s Scandaleyes would definitely make the cut.

I’ve tried a few different versions of the British beauty brand’s iconic mascara line, and brand new to the collection is the ScandalEyes Volume on Demand mascara (C$9.99).  This mascara promises an intense eye look with extra volume on your lashes.

The mascara is distributed to lashes via the hourglass-shaded brush, which allows you to coat lashes perfectly and build up the volume with each layer.  As you can see, the base of the brush is a little thicker than the tip, perfect for the shape of your eyelashes since the outside corners are typically longer than the inner itty-bitty ones.

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Volume on Demand mascara wand

I really like the shape of this brush since it allows for a seamless application of the mascara. It does a great job really coating every lash and lifting them for volume and thickness.  For formula is also quite conditioning and it refreshes the previous layer when reapplied. The brand sent me a couple colours of the mascara, Extreme Black and Extreme Black Waterproof. It also comes in a normal black version as well.

So how does this version of ScandalEyes compare to the rest of them? I actually really like this one and feel like it is quite noteworthy. You guys know I love an hourglass brush, so I felt that this really did give me nice and long-looking lashes.

Rimel Wonder Ink Liner

Pair their new mascara with the new Wonder’Ink liner for the perfect Twiggy look!

Their new Wonder’Ink liner (C$8.99) comes in an ultra black colour and delivers intense pigment on the skin. The formula is a waterproof one and the brand says it will last 24 hours on your skin. I did try it out during a workout and found that it lasted nicely without smudging.

As for applying it, I do find it glides on nicely and the brush — which is a pointed felt-tip — distributes a perfect line. The liner applies nicely on the skin and isn’t too soft or too hard, it’s just right.

Swatches of Rimmel London

Both of these products are available on December 1, 2019 and I would definitely look out for them if you are in the market for a new mascara or liner.

Products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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