Looking youthful: My experience with cheek fillers!

My experience with cheek fillers

If there is one thing that going to NYFW taught me (okay, it taught me a lot, so one of the things I noticed), is that cheek fillers are definitely a thing.

I’ve been going to see Dr. Minuk since last year at his Cosmetic SkinClinic & Laser Centre, and what started with CoolSculpting on my double chin quickly turned into Botox touchups and exploring different cosmetic options I could do to reverse the signs of aging.

I’ve been getting Botox for my crow’s feet since last year and love the procedure since it really helps with preventing fine lines and wrinkles from forming. After I did CoolSculpting, I went back to Botox for my crow’s feet and started doing my forehead, which I feel is the most popular area to get it done, and about a month back I went for a touch up and Dr. Minuk mentioned perhaps getting some cheek fillers as well.

Getting cheek fillers at Dr. Minuk's clinic in Winnipeg

I started my filler journey years ago with lip fillers and still get them done every year or so as I love how it makes my lips – and my face- look. I have been somewhat interested in cheek fillers but didn’t really feel like I needed them.  Dr. Minuk explained that when we age (I’m 31 years old), our face starts to droop as the collagen in our skin breaks down and ultimately results in sagging. Taking a look at my face, he said that he did see some sagging in one of my cheeks and this injectable will help lift my cheeks and give me back that youthful appearance and contour my face a bit more for a “top model” look.

Although there are a variety of different filler options out there (such as Juvederm, which is what I get in my lips), Dr. Minuk used Teosyal RHA4, which is a pure hyaluronic acid which is designed to create volume in the cheeks, chin, temples, and for correcting deep skin depressions.  I believe that all the different hyaluronic acid fillers are quite similar, but I have read that Teosyal is known to last months longer on average that Juvederm Ultra or Ultra Plus.

Canula needle for cheek fillers

Just like there are different fillers that you can use, there are also different methods to inject it. Dr. Minuk chose to use a cannula, which is a long blunt-tip needle that is injected once in the skin as opposed to multiple times. Dr. Minuk created a hole on my cheekbone and then took the cannula and slid it in right along the cheek bone; as he pulled the needle out slowly he was injecting the filler. This method is less painful since it’s only one prick as opposed to multiple ones and it’s quicker as well.  I’m told it also allows for a more precise placement and will decrease the chance of bruising since it’s one hole, not multiple ones.

So did it hurt? They didn’t freeze me for this, as I was told that they don’t usually do that with the cheeks since the skin isn’t as sensitive as the lips are (seriously, the worst part about getting lip fillers is the freezing part). It didn’t really hurt; when he made the first poke before inserting the cannula that kind of hurt, but it was a split second thing and then putting the cannula in just felt strange and like a lot of pressure, but nothing painful.

It was definitely a quicker procedure than getting lip fillers and the results show up right away (unlike Botox which can take anywhere up to two weeks for the actual results to show). There was some swelling, but honestly, I didn’t feel like it was too dramatic or anything.

Now that I’ve had the fillers for a month now I can honestly say that I love them. I was scared that I would look too “cat lady-like”, but it’s such a minimal difference and a nice little lift to my face. Truthfully, I don’t find it too noticeable when I’m not wearing makeup, but once I do a full face, I can see it a lot more and love how it makes my face look (especially when I have a killer contour and highlight).

Anyways, to round out my post and what I was saying about fashion week, is that here in New York, it seems like all the fashionistas have gotten it done. I was seeing a lot of Botox and filler in those rooms and it was so interesting to come to a larger city and see how popular these treatments really are.

Before and after getting cheek fillers Before and after cheek fillers at Dr. Minuk's clinic in Winnipeg

Dr. Minuk injected a half syringe to my cheeks and mentioned that if I wanted more I could definitely come back. I think that the half was a good amount and it’s super subtle and natural looking. I truly love the way it looks and just like the lips, I’m totally hooked on it now.

Dr. Minuk charges anywhere from $650-$2,500 to get your cheeks done (I was quoted $1,300), but go visit for a consultation for a more accurate amount.  I was also told that it can last up to a year, but everyone’s body breaks down filler differently (for example, my lips last me for about a year and a half).

Face after cheek fillers Cheek fillers after shot

So do you need cheek fillers? We don’t really need anything, but if it’s something that you are interested in getting done, then I would totally recommend it.  Cheek fillers can also help smooth out those lines around your mouth as well since they can pull your skin back, so to speak (but obviously with a little more filler than a half).

If it’s something that’s interests you, I would recommend booking a consult and seeing what the best option would be for you. I was a little skeptical on first getting it done, but now that I have it, I recommend it 100 per cent and love how it makes my face look. When we often think “fillers”, scary images can definitely flash through our minds, but I’ve only ever had a more natural-looking experience with them and can’t recommend them enough.

Would you ever get cheek fillers done?

Please note, I partnered with Dr. Minuk on this post. All opinions are my own.

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