CoverGirl Made: Visiting the CoverGirl flagship store in New York City

If you were to ask me what some of my favourite beauty brands are, CoverGirl would place high on that list.

Okay, so I’ll be honest, when I first started blogging, I always thought of CoverGirl to be more – and for a lack of a better word – “mom makeup”. I felt like the brand really was geared more towards mature women and was a staple brand if you want to start your makeup collection. Then, about a year or two into blogging, back when they were first owned by P&G Beauty, the brand, alongside other P&G brands, invited me to an event in Toronto for a new influencer program they were launching.  This trip was my first-ever blogger trip and ever since then, the brand has become something much more to me than just makeup.  Since that time, they have graciously flown me to Toronto for a few more events, they’ve given me concert tickets to former CoverGirl Pink’s concert in Winnipeg and tickets and a meet and greet to current CoverGirl Katy Perry’s concert a few years ago. Even last year, they invited me back to Toronto for the Canadian launch of their new rebrand and I was one of few bloggers from outside Toronto that they actually did this for. CoverGirl to me isn’t just a brand or a line of makeup products, it’s a friend. It’s a company that has helped me grow as a blogger and influencer and has graciously cheered me on every step of the way.

Mascara swatches at COVERGIRL flagship store in Times Square NYC Makeup at COVERGIRL flagship store in New York COVERGIRL Times Square

Anyways, so when I found out that they were opening their first flagship location here in New York City back in November 2018, it instantly made the list of things I just had to check out while I’m here in the city.

The CoverGirl flagship location is located at 719 7th Avenue, right in Time’s Square. The two-storey store features the whole line-up of CoverGirl products, as well as store-exclusive merchandise and Instagrammable installations.  Truthfully, the store was pretty much everything I thought it would be and more. I’m quite familiar with CoverGirl’s products, but if you were interested in trying out a certain mascara, they have tons of testers and swatching spoolies that are geared to each individual mascara which is so cool and unique. They also have these computer stands where you can virtually try on makeup to see if a certain colour will look good on you.

My favourite part of the store was definitely the merchandise, which included everything from sports bras and yoga pants to hoodies, water bottles, phone cases, and more. In fact, it took pretty much everything in me to not buy one of each item.  As for the makeup, I was told that every item that CoverGirl produces is available in the store, so there isn’t anything there that is exclusive to that location (makeup wise at least) but it makes it super easy to try everything on. Plus, they have every shade, which can be difficult to come across depending on the store you are at (for example, a lot of stores I have been to don’t have all 40 shades of TruBlend Matte Made).

Getting a makeover in COVERGIRL flagship store in NYC COVERGIRL flagship store in NYC Merch and makeup at COVERGIRL flagship store NYC Merch in COVERGIRL flagship store in NYC

The store also offers makeovers, which comes in handy if you’re wanting to try out a ton of products or if you want your makeup done before a Broadway show. I actually got my makeup done by one of their artists and she used some new products that were currently only available in the U.S. for now, so it was really neat to try out stuff that I couldn’t get my hands on back in Canada (like the CoverGirl Exhibitionist Liquid Glitter Shadows).

If you’re planning a trip to NYC, I would definitely make the CoverGirl store in Time’s Square a destination to check out. It’s in such a touristy location as well that it makes it really simple to pop in and play around.  It’s been such a pleasure to watch the brand evolve over the years and come out with products that rival their luxury counterparts. Although it definitely appeals to a more younger generation right now, there are still so many products that work for every skin tone, no matter what age you are.

Virtual try on machines at COVERGIRL flagship store in NYC CoverGirl store in Time's Square NYC COVERGIRL flagship store in NYC

Just like how I have evolved over the years, so has CoverGirl. Gone are the days of “easy, breezy” and in are the moments of “I am what I makeup” because they have truly embodied their new saying. Whether it’s a new innovative product, an expanded shade range for every skintone, or an amazing new store which lets you get up close and personal with the brand.

Keep doing you, CoverGirl.

Have you been to the CoverGirl flagship store in NYC?

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