Vacay dreaming: Buxom Wanderlust Primer-Infused Blush

I’ve never really been picky with my blushes.

I have some friends who live and breathe blushes and go through them as fast I eat a medium-sized personal pizza. For me, a blush will last me a long time and truthfully, it takes a lot for me not to like a specific blush product or brand.

With that being said, although I get in tons of makeup items, I probably get the least blushes out of any item, so I’m always super excited when some new ones roll in. Like take for instance, the Buxom Wanderlust Primer-Infused blushes (C$27).

These blushes, available in six shades (all named after exotic locales… except for Dolly), is a silky primer-infused powder blush, meaning that it pacts some serious colour with a long 12-hour wear. And when I say it packs colour, I mean it PACTS colour.

Buxom Wanderlust Primer-Infused Blush

But we’ll get to that in a second ;).

These blushes contains hydrating hyaluronic acid and a colourless base to seamlessly blend and flatter different skin tones. Colour glides onto the skin and sticks there for a luminous, opaque glow.

I received three of the six shades, Mykonos (peach), Ibiza (pink), and Seychelles (bronze). I am typically quite heavy handed with blushes when I apply them since most formulas I would say tend to lean on the more sheer side. Not these. A little goes a long way and you definitely need a light hand when applying these since the colour goes on very pigmented. That’s definitely not a bad thing though since these blushes will probably last you a very long time.

Buxom Wanderlust Primer-Infused Blush Buxom Wanderlust Primer-Infused Blush swatches in Ibiza, Mykonos, and Seychelles

Overall, I love these and since the packaging is quite compact, it makes it super easy to travel with. I also want to note that although Seychelles is described as a bronze, I definitely think it’s more of a blush as opposed to a bronzer.

I think these will be perfect to wear during the summer months since they’ll look so perfect with a tan, plus those shade names will totally have you feeling like vacay mode is on, even if that means you’re just chilling by the pool at your friend’s house ;).

What’s your favourite blush?

Please note, I was sent these products from PR. All opinions are my own.

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