Off in a snap! Maybelline Snapscara mascara

Anyone else ever not wear mascara because it can be so hard to remove sometimes?

Removing mascara can be a royal pain at times and depending on the formula, I’ve definitely gone to bed before with a little bit of mascara still on my lashes. I mean really, who has time to fully remove their mascara? I just assume it’ll get off eventually.

Anyways, this brings me to today’s post where Maybelline has come to the rescue for lazy girls like me. Their new mascara, Snapscara (C$7.96), was released late last year and promises to come off easily with just water. Now that’s a pretty far claim considering if you want major volume and separation with your mascara I would assume that it would bond onto your lashes. Right?

Maybelline Snapscara mascara in black, blue, and burgundy Maybelline Snapscara mascara wands

Snapscara is promised to deliver smooth, clump-free volume when you apply it and come off in a snap when you remove it (get it?). It’s perfect for sensitive eyes since you don’t have to rub or tug at your lashes. This mascara is the brand’s first pigmented wax-free mascara that is a zero-clump formula that applies smoothly and plumps up and defines lashes.

Okay, so does it actually do what it claims. Yes.  I was literally shocked to see how easy it was to remove this mascara, considering how much volume, separation and length you get when you apply it.  Snapscara gives you feathery soft lashes that look natural thanks to its tapered curve brush, which allows you to fully hug the shape of your eyelids. You can also layer a few coats on to really pump up the volume, but considering how easy this is to take off, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this.

Maybelline Snapscara mascara wand

If black mascara isn’t your jam, Snapscara also comes in three other shades; Deja Blue, Ultra Violet, and Black Cherry (deep burgundy). I’m a basic B so I love black, but I am partial to a burgundy mascara to make my blue eyes pop on occasion.

I think this is a great mascara to have in your collection, especially for lazy days where you want to do makeup but dread that wash off before bed (hey, we’ve all been there). Plus, the fact that it actually makes your lashes look amazing is just the black cherry on the cake (see what I did there?).

Maybelline Snapscara swatches

Have you tried Maybelline’s new Snapscara mascara?

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