Sweet treats: Three sweet sets to gift for the holidays

Well guys, it’s officially the holiday season. And, with the holiday season comes holiday gift sets, so obviously it’s my favourite time of the year.

If you watch my stories on Instagram, you would’ve seen all the magical sets arriving here. Basically my condo is like a mini Sephora store, which as you can imagine makes me very happy to come home to everyday.

Anyways, I will be doing some brand-specific holiday posts, but I wanted to change it up a bit this year with gift guides as well.  Which brings us to today’s post.

One of my favourite holiday scents is anything sugary, so when I got these goodies come in I had to compile them as a sugary sweet gift guide. From an irresistibly-smelling candle to a cake of makeup goodies (sans calories), anyone you gift these items to will surely not be able to keep their sweet tooth in check.

Nest Sugar Cookie Three-Wick candle and reef diffuser

Nest Sugar Cookie Candle and Reef Diffuser

You guys know I absolutely adore Nest, both their fragrances and their home scents, so I was super excited to give their Sugar Cookie candle and reed diffuser a smell.

Sugar Cookie is actually like how you think it would smell. It has notes of vanilla, bourbon, caramel, sugarcane crystals, and amber.  You know that scent when you bake cookies? Yeah, it’s like that. Except that you don’t have to actually consume any calories after giving this a whiff.

If you haven’t tried Nest candles before, they are made from highly refined, cosmetic-grade wax that infuses a room with an amazing scent.  Nest candles are very expensive (the three-wick shown here is C$90), but if you are looking for a luxurious gift for someone who is hard to buy for, then these definitely do the trick.  The candles also have a very long burn time, which definitely helps with the cost. This candle will last you 80 to 100 hours, which is incredible.

If candles aren’t your jam, you can pick up or gift the reed diffuser (C$64), which gives you that sugar cookie scent 24/7. The reed diffuser consists of a jar of high-quality fragrance oils, which are released slowly and evenly in the air for approximately 90 days.  Just place it on a shelf, bedside table, coffee tables, etc. and bask in the warm, sugary scent.

Sugar Cookies and Sweet Peach Too Faced mini palettes

Too Faced Sugar Cookie and Tickled Peach Eye Shadow Palettes

Following on the sugar cookie trend, Too Faced has the sweetest little eyeshadow palette which would be perfect to gift to your bestie who is always on the go.

The Sugar Cookie Eye Shadow Palette (C$32) is a small palette that features eight eyeshadows in both matte and shimmery shades. The shade range in here ranges from glittery silvers to matte browns, shimmering pinks, and more. Best part is, in true Too Faced form, this palette smells like fresh-baked cookies, so every time you open it you’ll feel a wash of sugary goodness that’s quite a treat.

Look featuring the Too Faced Tickled Peach palette

If your gift recipient is a fan of the Too Faced Peach line, then take a look at the Tickled Peach Mini Eyeshadow Palette (C$32), which also features eight matte and shimmering shadows housed in a tin palette reminiscent of the original Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette.

The shades in this palette lean more on the side of corals and browns (see photo above), which I find to be a little more wearable than the Sugar Cookie one. There are a variety of looks you can do with this palette (and Sugar Cookie), and just like the other Peach palettes, this one also has that sweet Georgia Peach scent.

Benefit 2018 Holiday gift sets

Benefit Cosmetics Triple Decker Decadence and Confection Cuties gift sets

Benefit Cosmetics is taking their love of sweets to a whole new level with their holiday sets this year.

Housed in a collectible tin that looks like a wedding cake, the Triple Decker Decadence set (C$52) has three full-sized products, plus a mini of their liquid cheek tint. Open up the tin to reveal full-sizes of their BADgad BANG! mascara, The POREfessional Face Primer, High Brow brow highlighting pencil, and a deluxe mini of their Gogotint lip and cheek stain.

The three full-size products alone will cost you C$104, so for essentially less than half the price, you are getting an amazing deal here.

Benefit Triple Decker Decadence gift set

If you are looking for a smaller gift (think Secret Santa or that friend you’re kinda friends with, but not full-fledged besties), then Confection Cuties (C$25) will be right up your alley.

Like the Triple Decker Decadence set, this one also comes in a multi-layer cake-shaped tin, but on a smaller level. There are no full-sized products in here, but instead you get travel-friendly sizes of The POREfessional, Gimme Brow+ brow volumizing fibre gel, and Roller Lash curling and lifting mascara.

Since these are all travel-sized products, I think this is a nice gift topper (as in, you bought one expensive gift, but it might be small and you’re looking for something else to round out the whole present). For $25 though, I would invest the cash into one of the larger sets since it’s definitely more bang for your buck. Although I haven’t tried Roller Lash (I do love the other Benefit mascaras though), I have tried The POREfessional and Gimme Brow and love both of those products, so at least you get some real winners in here.

Benefit Confection Cuties holiday set

If you usually surprise your friends with some holiday baking, then you may want to think about tacking some of these sets on to their gifts this year. You really can’t go wrong with anything sweet and sugary, and when makeup is involved, well it’s just icing on a calorie-free cake.

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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