Refreshed, recharged: Three skincare products you need as we head into the winter months

I know it just turned fall, but guys I’m already thinking of winter.

Aside from keeping my skin moisturized, I’ve also beed dealing with a bit of acne on my chin thanks to that dreaded Clarisonic purge (which I talked about this past Friday).  When it comes to skincare products, you really can never have enough and you can never try enough products. I get so many items in and although it can be hard trying them all out, I love slathering my face with something new, whether it’s a new serum, eye cream, spray, you name it.

Anyways, if you are looking for some new skincare products for this season, I have you covered.

Tula Acne Clearing and Tone Correcting Gel

Tula Acne Clearing + Tone Correcting Gel

You guys know I adore Tula (score 20% off your order with code SHAYNA), but when I received the Acne Clearing + Tone Correcting Gel, I was like great, what am I going to do with this? I pride myself on having amazing skin, and although I do get the occasional breakout, I don’t have acne.  Luckily (well, not so lucky for my skin), I recently broke out with the new Clarisonic Mia Prima, so I could actually put this to the test (is it weird that I was happy I broke out?).

This acne gel contains two per cent salicylic acid to clear up skin, prevent breakouts, and brighten marks left by past acne. Although it is most suitable for acne-prone skin and oily skin, I did find it worked on my normal skin as well.

Since Tula is cruelty-free, it contains probiotics in the formula that are clinically proven to calm the look of inflammation and soothe skin. It also has azelic acid for fading marks left behind by past acne, and willow herb and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and prevent dryness and flakiness.  You apply this gel on clean skin morning and night before your serum and moisturizer (I’ve been using their Illuminating Serum and the Hydrating Day & Night Cream) and it will help clear up acne, as well as prevent future breakouts.  If you don’t have acne anymore, but have scars from it, it will also help to fade those.

Like I said, I have good skin already, so I used this more or less as a spot treatment. I did find that it helped to clear me up and left me looking radiant. Like all of Tula’s products, I highly recommend picking this up if you have this skin concern.

Also, FYI, I have a Tula giveaway happening on my Instagram, which includes this product, at the moment that closes on Wednesday, so go enter!

Naneette de Gaspe Essence Noir Treating & Cleansing Facial Cloths

Nannette de Gaspe Essence Noir Treating & Cleansing Facial Cloths

In case you haven’t heard of Nannette de Gaspe, the line is known for their ridiculously expensive face masks. Since the line is Canadian and pricey, I was super excited to give these C$45 facial cleansing cloths a try.

Just like other drugstore facial cleansing cloths, these come in a package of 30 and are a rinse-free wipe that gently removes all impurities and traces of makeup in one swipe. What makes them so luxurious are the ingredients. They contain Caviar Lime (brightens the skin and improves elasticity), and Silver Mushroom and Beetroot Extract to help nourish, plump, and smooth the skin, as well as Alpha Hydroxy Acids to leave skin looking visibly smoothed, glowing and revitalized. Since it’s part of the Art of Noir collection, it also has a proprietary infusion of Black Tea Ferment, Black Superfruits, and Black Tahitian Pearl extracts.

As you can expect, the cleansing cloths are actually black, which makes them look and feel luxurious, but if you get a kick on seeing how much of your makeup came off, then unfortunately these won’t do it for you.  They have a wonderful smell to them, and although they feel fabulous on the face, I have to say that there are a few drugstore versions I prefer more than these. I don’t find them to be all that wet, so when it comes to taking off eye makeup, especially mascara, I don’t feel that it does that great of a job.

I wanted to say that these were the greatest things ever (especially at $1.50 a cloth), but when if you are using these to remove makeup, then I would look into a different cloth or cleanser. If you are using them for skincare benefits, then definitely invest.  The scent and overall look of these are incredibly luxurious and if you don’t wear a lot of makeup but are looking for a treat, then definitely take the plunge!

Reversa Radiance-C Concentrate

Reversa Radiance-C Concentrate

I love adding new serums into my skincare routine (especially cocktailing them for a custom skincare regime), so when I got this new one from Reversa, I was pumped to start rotating it in.

The Radiance-C Concentrate (C$60) contains 20 per cent pure vitamin C that will help your skin with new collagen formation and prevent and reverse sun damage. It will also help to brighten your skin tone and increase its natural radiance. Just like so many other skincare products in the market right now, this concentrate is great to prevent against environmental stressors, such as UV rays and pollution, which is linked to premature skin aging. In addition to the supernatural vitamin C, this serum also has hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and vitamin E.

I like applying this morning and night after my Shiseido Ultimune serum and before my other serums. I’m told that your face should be damp prior to application and that you should apply some sort of BB cream with SPF or sunscreen to your face if you are applying it in the morning. I’m also told to apply this after your cleanser and toner. It is a creamy formula, so I have found that you don’t need a lot for it to go a long way. It also has a super pleasant citrusy scent to it.

So far I have really been enjoying how this makes my skin feel. It is a bit of a thicker formula and I feel like there is a touch of some texture in there as well, but I love the fact that it’s adding so many awesome benefits to my skin, morning and night.

I have so many more skincare products to go through especially as we head into the winter season, so you’ll be seeing more skin posts rotating in here more often.  Let me know if there is a certain item you are dying to try out. You can really never have too many items when it comes to the skin on your face.

What’s your favourite skincare products right now?

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