Totally customizable: Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color customizable palettes

Most contour and face kits come predone. Usually you would just pick the palette that best suits your skintone and go from there. But what if you were really pale and wanted a darker bronzer to really carve out a contour, or what if you didn’t want three different shades of bronzer and maybe a blush thrown in there instead? Make Up For Ever obviously saw the struggle and came up with totally customizable face palettes.

Artist Face Color is a collection of 34 highlights, sculpting powders, and blushes that you can mix and match in single, duo or trio palettes. These products are highly pigmented, blendable and are in a long-lasting powder formula in matte, shimmer, and pearl finishes. All you do is decide on which palette you want, choose your colours, and the pans pop right in via a magnet (kinda like a much-smaller Z Palette).

Singles retail for C$31, duos for C$44 (C$60 value) and trios for C$56 (C$89 value). The prices all reflect the palette themselves, as well as the corresponding refills.

Make Up For Ever Artist Face Colour duo

There are six different highlights to choose from, available in shimmer and matte formulas, 10 different matte bronzers, and 18 different blushes in matte and pearl finishes. Since I have a ton of highlights already, I wanted to do a duo with a blush and bronzer. I chose to go with the S-116 bronzer and B-204 matte blush (cold pink).

The only other time I’ve ever used a Make Up For Ever bronzer was when they released that Pro Light duo which contained a highlight and bronzer. I loved the highlighter, but the bronzer did absolutely nothing for me. In fact, the colour barely showed up on my skin. This bronzer is totally different. The colour is ultra smooth and creamy and blends perfectly into your complexion to create a fabulous contour. Same with the blush, in fact, the first time I used it, I found it so pigmented that I had to go back with my foundation blush and blend it out a little to tone it down.

Make Up For Ever Artist Face Colour Duo Make Up For Ever Artist Face Colour Duo bronzer and blush swatch

Overall, I love what Make Up For Ever did with these. Like I said, I got the duo but I feel like the trio would be the best bang for your buck wince you can customize it with a blush, bronzer, and highlighter – in the perfect shades for you – to create your perfect face palette.

Will you pick up any of the MUFE Artist Face Colour Customizable Palettes? 

Please note, products sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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