Starlight, starbright: Make Up For Ever Star Lit Powders

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Since highlighters are so popular right now, it makes total sense that brands would start to come out with products for other areas of the face as well.

When I first heard about Make Up For Ever Star Lit powders I totally thought they were like a highly glitter eyeshadow. Well, I wasn’t too far off as these are a shimmery loose powder for a variety of different uses.

Available in eight shades that range from neutrals to bold, dark colours, these are an ultra-fine loose powder that is used to highlight your features. Use them on your eyes, cheeks, lips, really anywhere you want a little highlight. They contain pure mother of pearl to add light-catching colour and shine.

Close up of powders

Each container (they are tiny, 2.7 g) contains ultra-fine powder that surprisingly doesn’t get everywhere. Although you can use them wet or dry, I tried them out dry and I didn’t really have to tap my brush to get rid of any excess powder. Also, a little goes a long way (meaning you’ll have this forever). They apply really smoothly and give you intense shine and colour.

I received three shades from the line, 02 (Frozen Gold), 13 (Ivory), and 15 (Golden Pink). The lighter shades are really beautiful for the inner corner, as well as your cheek highlight, seriously, 02 as a cheek highlight is life. The other shades, because they are neutrals, act perfectly for the lid and add some glisten and shimmer that is so eye-catching.

Swatches of Make Up For Ever Star Lit Powders 02, 13, 15 Make Up For Ever Star Lit Powders 13 and 02 applied to the eyes.

These retail for C$21 each, which isn’t a bad price since you need a tiny amount of product to get a dazzling effect.  The only thing is, you need to be careful when you open the jar, since there is no stopper. It’s literally just a jar with a hole in the centre that you dip your brush into. There’s no sifter of sorts.

If you love a major highlight, I would definitely look into these as I love how they are a versatile product and can be used for all sorts of uses. For example, I applied 02 to my inner corner and my cheeks for an angelic glow. The other darker colours, although I haven’t tried them, would give you the frostiest glow for the lids..

Make Up For Ever Star Lit Powder applied, 13 and 02.

You can find these at Sephora and if you love a little glitter, as well as a major highlight (really though, who doesn’t?), look into purchasing one of these. The only problem is, it’s kinda tough to figure out which shade to get. Do you get one for highlighting? For the lids? For some drama?  Good luck and let me know what you choose ;).

Have you tried the Make Up For Ever Star Lit Powders? Which one is your fave?

Please note, products sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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