Tantalizing: Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter One-Hour Tan Mousse + other products

I’m obsessed with self tanner.

Not only does it give you an awesome tan fast, but it makes you look thinner, your muscles more defined, the illusion that you just came back from holidays, and for me, it actually makes me happier (I just feel so good when I have a nice tan #feelingmyself). I’ve talked about my favourite tanning products on here a lot, but I was very excited to try out a new brand here to Canada, Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter.

Cocoa Brown is actually Ireland’s best-selling tanning product (they say three are sold every minute) and made it’s way to our shore earlier this summer. I’m not sure who Marissa Carter is, but she must be quite successful if she’s adding her name to the product (I did read online that she slammed beauty bloggers earlier this year, so there’s also that…). There are a variety of self-tanning products available, including my favourite formula, the mousse.  The brand promises a cocoa brown colour that develops in as little as one hour, long-wearing up to seven days, a formula that is vegetable-derived DHA, non-sticky mousse that is fast drying, no gross smell, not tested on animals and no parabens. Sounds like a winner to me!

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter One-Hour Tan Mousse

I received the one-hour tan mousse, the double-sided tanning mitt, and the Rose Gold Goddess shimmering dry body oil. Since I LOVE trying out new self tanners, I was quick to whip this out and apply it.  The first time I applied the product I just did it on my legs as I was heading to an event and wanted a little colour. I used the glove, which I was very impressed with at first. I often find with tanning mousse mitts that they slip around on my hand, making it kinda difficult to apply the product. This has a texturized inside so it grips your hand nicely, however, I did find that the mitt had a tendency to absorb the product, thus leaving me with patchy legs since it didn’t really spread around. I gave it the benefit of the doubt since that was the first time I ever used it, so the second time around when I pulled the product out, I used the glove again and found it did the same thing. Since I didn’t want to look patchy, I ditched this mitt and grabbed my St. Tropez one, which left me with a nice, even tan.

The mousse is very creamy and nicely scented. They say it’s a Tahitian Gardenia fragrance, and although I can’t quite pinpoint what I think it smells like, it doesn’t smell like self tanner, which is always a plus. The product goes on tinted so you can see where you are applying it. The colour does develop in a hour or so, however, if you want a deeper tan, it’s recommended to wear it for at least four or five hours before washing away that colour guard.

There are six different products to choose from in terms of the tanning items: the original medium, dark, extra dark, night & day tan (instantly leaves a deeply bronzed tan on the skin & when washed off the next morning, your skin will have a gorgeous lighter golden tan), gradual tanning moisturizer, and instant tan bronzing gel matte. I did like the mousse, however, it didn’t really blow me away. It also wasn’t anything more special than other tanning mousses out there.  With that being said, it’s half the price of some of my favourite tanners, St. Tropez and Vita Liberata, and if you love those two like I do, then this is definitely work picking up at C$19.99 (an amazing price for this quality of product).

I also received the Rose Gold Goddess dry body oil, which I brought along with me to Vegas on August long. All I had to read was “rose gold” and I was sold. This dry coconut oil contains finely milled shimmer particles which can be used on the face and body. For the face, you can use it as a primer under foundation or mixed with foundation for a dewy look. For the body, apply it to your shoulders, décolletage, arms and legs for a glossy, shimmery effect.


I used this on my legs in Vegas to give them a little shine, I also liked the fact that it provided some moisture as well. They do recommend applying it with the mitt or a brush, however, I just used my hands and it was fine.  Just make sure to shake the product so the shimmer particles are mixed in with the coconut oil.

Overall, I would check out the tanning mousse for sure. Unfortunately you can’t find these products in store here, but they just started shipping to Canada, so visit their site online.


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