Wag, Woof, Love: Connected pet gadgets with Best Buy Canada

Something you may or may not know about me (although if you watch my Snapchats, you probably could have guessed this), I’m completely obsessed with my dog, Ziggy. You know how people show photos of their babies to people they just met? Well that’s me, but with my sweet little American Eskimo dog.

The American Pet Products Association reported earlier this year that the pet industry topped an all-time high in 2016 at US$66 billion. I can certainly see why. Pets aren’t just animals anymore. They are our best friends, we spoil them, we want the best for them, heck, we may even have social media channels for them (Jiff the Pomeranian reportedly makes a whopping US$17,500 per sponsored post on Instagram).

I often call myself Ziggy’s “momager”, I like entering him in contests (some of which he’s won), submitting his photos to the local newspaper, or even getting him on TMZ Live (where he took being fat-shamed on international TV in stride; he’s not fat, he’s fluffy!). I’ll often visit stores when I can bring my dog into more often, same with third-wave coffee shops; heck, I even bought him a bike stroller so he can go on bike rides with me. I call him my son; I would do anything for him.

So naturally, since we are so involved in our pets’ lives, it makes total sense that there are so many pet products out there that are similar to ones we use on a daily basis. I’m the kind of person who often thinks about what goes on in his little head, so I was so excited to watch Best Buy Canada’s video on dog vision. Ziggy loves going to the dog park and how fun would it be to connect a camera to your dog and then watch the video with VR? Best Buy actually strapped a Samsung Gear 360 camera to the back of a dog using a GoPro Fetch Dog Harness and then showed the video to their owner through the use of the Samsung Gear VR4 Headset. I did some zombie killing VR for my birthday this year with friends, and I can tell you, it’s so real looking using those headsets. Not gonna lie, I would love to see the world through the eyes of Ziggy.

Best Buy Canada is home to so many tech pet gadgets. I have a wireless camera for my home that I always use to spy on Zig when I’m away (he’s usually sleeping). Although you can use any home security system that connects to WiFi to do that, they have some that are especially for pets, like the Petcube Play Interactive HD Pet Camera (C$249.99) that lets you watch, speak to, and play with your pet through the use of a laser toy and the monitoring app. There’s also the Petcube Bites Interactive WiFi Pet Camera (C$329.99), that does the same thing but instead of the laser, you can reward your pet with a treat.

Since I constantly use my Apple Watch to keep my fitness in track, it makes total sense that Ziggy should have an activity tracker too. I received the WonderWoof BowTie Dog Activity Tracker with Bluetooth (C$49.99), which is a fashion-forward activity tracker that looks like a bowtie and comes in a variety of different colours. I felt like the “dogquamarine” shade would suit Ziggy’s style best, so as soon as we received it (it comes housed in a Tiffany’s –esque little box with a bowtie on top), I downloaded the app, charged it and attached it to his collar.

The WonderWoof tracks analytics on your phone to ensure that your pet is getting the proper amount of exercise based on their breed, age, and weight. You can track walks, meet other dog friends (it shows you who else has the tracker in your area), and your furry friend can earn rewards and bones towards their fitness goals (similar to a Fitbit or Apple Watch – I’m obsessed with hitting my Move goal everyday). If your dog is nearby, the app also shows you if he’s sleeping, resting, playing or being active.

The WonderWoof BowTie isn’t the only activity tracker Best Buy offers. They also have devices that track your pet’s movement, ensuring they never get lost, like the Motorola SCOUT5000 GPS Pet Tracker, which has a camera on it and GPS, letting you know where your dog is at all times. You can even stream the video of what your dog is seeing to your device (although if your furry guy or gal has a lot of hair, that might obstruct the camera).

Gone are the days of your pet just owning a ball, rawhide, a mat and a dish. There are so many fun options out there to truly spoil your pet (they deserve it!). You can check out Best Buy in store to look at all that they have to offer, or you can peruse their website bestbuy.ca with your furry friend and pick out products together. They offer fast, free shipping on orders over $35 (seriously, I got the WonderWoof in like three days). You can also use their Reserve-and-Pick-Up program, which allows customers to reserve products online and pick them up at the store nearest you within 20 minutes.

As someone who spoils their dog often (if it’s between buying myself something or buying Ziggy something, he’ll usually win), I was so excited to see that Best Buy Canada is totally hoping on the pet gadget wagon. Now I just need to get myself a pair of VR goggles and a camera to strap on Ziggy’s back, and I can experience dog vision myself ;).

Huge thank you to Best Buy Canada for partnering with me (and Ziggy!) on this post. All opinions are my own.

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