No joke: CoverGirl Total Tease mascara

I got an email previewing CoverGirl’s newest mascara the day before April Fool’s Day.  Naturally, watching the video I totally thought this new product would be a joke. I didn’t think it was actually real until I saw a display for it last weekend at Walmart.

I’ve said on my blog many times that I’ve always been a fan of CoverGirl mascaras. I recommend them to friends and colleagues all the time, however, their newest releases have left me a little disappointed.  The past couple formulas didn’t really do much for my lashes so I thought the drugstore brand was loosing its touch when it came to the lash game.

Their newest formula, and I want to say the first since Coty acquired them, is the Total Tease mascara, a product that guarantees full, long, refined, sexy and teased lashes. Available in five shades and a waterproof version, the thing that makes Total Tease stand out is the brush. Covergirl Total Tease mascara CoverGirl Total Tease mascara wand

The brush features a specialized detailing tip that allows for a no-mess application. No, it’s not one of those balls at the end of the wand, instead it’s a mini comb that you use to get those hard-to-reach inner lashes on both corners of the eye. As for the non-comb part, it’s a thinner brush, which I totally prefer over all the other CoverGirl mascara releases lately that feature a giant brush. I like getting to the base of the lash to fully coat it. The bigger the brush is, the harder that is to accomplish.

After using this mascara a few times I can actually report that CoverGirl got their groove back.  This reminds me of The Supersizer a little due to the brush size (minus the brush thingy), and the packaging is totally reminiscent of Benefit’s Rollerlash.  I really like the way this made my lashes look, although they didn’t look fuller, they did appear more longer and defined.

Also, I want to note that most mascaras, especially drugstore though for some reason, often tend to work better once more air gets in the product. Meaning, that I find these mascaras perform better when they aren’t as wet. Let the formula get a little drier and you’ll see maximum results.

Swatches of CoverGirl Total Tease mascara

I believe this mascara officially launches in May, but if you can find it in drugstores now (I’ve seen it two places now), it’s definitely worth a try. Let me know what you think of it and how you feel it compares to its predecessors!

Are you excited to try out CoverGirl’s Total Tease mascara?

Please note, I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.

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