Nails? Oui Oui! Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure kit


I have a pretty large nail polish collection. Although I love switching up my polish every few days, when you want something to last a little longer (like on a trip), I always switch over to a gel kit.

A gel manicure is great because you cure the polish using an LED light, meaning that there is no drying time, and best of all, the polish stays on your nails for much longer.  If you go to a salon they can be quite pricey, but luckily nowadays there are so many at-home options out there to try out for a reasonable price.

I have a few gel kits, and although I have my faves, they for the most part all work the same. You use a base coat, cure it, two coats of polish, cure it, then topcoat it and cure it again. After, you usually use a liquid to wipe off the tacky residue. The outcome is amazing, but it’s a timely process.

What if I told you though that there was a gel manicure set that did all that in one step and it was shaped like a parisian delicacy? No, I’m not crazy, there is and it’s called Le Mini Macaron.

macaron-close-up Le Mini Macaron, available for C$45 at Hudson’s Bay, is a macaron-shaped gel manicure kit that gives you a one-step gel mani. All you do it plug it in, paint a couple coats of the polish, cure each coat, then you’re done. No base coat, no top coat, no sticky residue.

Each set, available in nine colours with over 35 additional colours available, contains a LED lamp, a polish (that matches the macaron lamp), a cuticle stick, a mini nail file, and 10 remover pads. The lamp is small, so therefore you do have to do each nail one at a time. It does work fast though, curing the polish in 30 seconds (it will shut off when it’s done), and it can plug into your laptop or any plug (perfect for travel!). The top also flips on the lamp so you can do your toes as well.

The best part about this set (other than it’s the cutest!) is definitely the three-in-one formula. Like I said, doing a traditional at-home gel mani takes forever since there are so many steps. With this set, there’s only one really, and it’ll leave you with a shiny gel manicure. I also love the colour selection on these, as well as the price. Plus, it’s just the cutest beauty product I’ve seen in a while. That counts for something, right?

gel-lamp-mac nails-final

Now as much as I love this set (and I really do!), unfortunately the polish does not last long on me. I’ve used it a few times, and every time the polish either chips or peels away after a day or so and you’re left with a gooey tacky substance on your nail, which I just end up peeling off (a total no-no for gel polish BTW). Le Mini Macaron says that the polish should last seven to 10 days, however, the most I’ve gotten would be around three to four days. A major tip I have though is to do thin coats; if you do a thick coat you’re running the risk of having bubbles in the polish, which will eventually burst and then you’re left with a mess.

I really do have mixed feelings about this product. On one hand, I love it for so many reasons, but then the one thing it’s supposed to do, have long-lasting polish, it lacks in.  Definitely a big disappointment, but since it’s so small and so fast, I certainly didn’t mind redoing a couple nails.

The only retailer I know that sells this is Hudson’s Bay, however, you can purchase it from their official site as well. I’m not sure if Hudson’s Bay has the gel polish in store so you can pick up other colours, which is unfortunate since for $45 you would probably want more than one colour (and the colours they offer are sooo cute BTW). I know these went on sale on Boxing Day, so if you are interested I’m trying them out (which overall I really recommend), then try to scoop one up.

Have you tried Le Mini Macaron?

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