Bestseller: ColourPop and Morphe now available in Canada at Showcase


Did you know that ColourPop and Morphe is now sold in Canada?

I know, I was shocked too to hear the news too. Canada’s trend store Showcase now sells select items from both ColourPop and Morphe. Crazy right?!  If you’re not familiar with these brands, they both made names for themselves through various YouTubers and bloggers who put them on the map. Both are based out of LA and offer affordable, quality cosmetics.

Morphe is very well-known for their blushes and eyeshadows, and Showcase has a selection of brushes, brush sets, and some eyeshadow palettes to choose from. The eyeshadow palettes are around the $49 mark, which are about double the US price of them if you were to buy them direct from Morphe’s site. I received the seven-piece rose gold brush set, which includes seven brushes and a faux-leather round hard case to store them.


The brushes included are a blush brush, four eye brushes, a foundation brush, and a contour brush. They feature black handles and rose gold detailing.  This set retails for C$29.99 (was originally $39.99 USD on Morphe’s site, however, it’s now sold out).

The quality on these brushes are very good. Morphe is really well-known for their brushes so I was excited to get to try them out in the flesh. For $30, these are definitely a steal as the quality is really nice and they seem to be very well made. Plus, there’s rose gold detailing… enough said.

Another popular brand they also carry is ColourPop, which if you didn’t know, is made in the same factory as Kylie Cosmetics. ColourPop’s products are pretty reasonably priced, so you can definitely stock up on a lot of items if you order from them direct. Showcase only seems to carry some of their matte liquid lipsticks and glosses, so they don’t have the full collection available.

applicator sookie

Showcase sent me one of their Ultra Glossy Liquid Lipsticks in the colour Sookie, a rich plum that gives you mega shine and amazing coverage. These are quite comfortable to wear and not as sticky as many other glosses. Showcase retails this at C$19.99, whereas you can get it off of ColourPop’s site for $6 USD. Even after the Canadian exchange rate and shipping, it’s probably to order it direct from ColourPop, but if you aren’t one for waiting, it’s nice to know that Showcase carries the line in store. With that being said, the range isn’t that large, my local store had about five or six colours to choose from, so check your nearest Showcase to see their selection.

Like I said, I was shocked and excited to hear that both of these brands are now sold here in Canada exclusively at Showcase. Although it may be cheaper to buy them direct from the brand website, it’s nice to know that there is a local retailer that sells them here in our country. I would definitely look into that Morphe brush set though, as it’s an amazing price for the quality of the brushes and would make a perfect holiday gift.

Did you know that Showcase sells Morphe and ColourPop here in Canada?

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