Smooth summer skin: Hair care essentials by NAIR

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Alright guys, with one month remaining of summer (technically almost two, but really, does anyone actually count September as being summer?), you might as well make every second count.  I myself am off to Vegas in a week for four days of relaxing (AKA a lot of drinking, partying, shopping, and an excessive amount of sun), so that means I need to look my best.

In maintaining a somewhat “hairy” problem, I am constantly shaving my legs and plucking my brows.  Luckily, NAIR makes all this easy and less time consuming.  I got to try out three products from NAIR that are perfect for these precious last few weeks of summer where you better believe I will be taking advantage of shorts, skirts, and dresses before we end up heading into those dreaded “W” months.

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Alright, so ladies, we all have this problem (if you don’t, consider yourself lucky), that annoying upper lip fuzz that just won’t go away long enough.  Between that and maintaining my brows, the hair is like an annoying leech that I am constantly plucking.  You can choose to go to the salon to get it removed, but honestly I would rather do it myself because in my opinion, it’s so easy to remove without forking over the cash for someone else to do it.  What I don’t mind investing in?  Wax strips.  I used the NAIR Brazilian Spa Clay PerfectTemp Easy to Use Wax Strips for Face & Bikini (MSRP $9.99), which comes with 40 wax strips (two sizes, 20 double sided) and four after-use moisturizing towelettes.  All you have to do is grab one strip and hold it between your hands.  Once the NAIR logo disappears, you are good to go.  Peel the strips apart and wax away!  I actually used one double-sided strip for both my upper lip and eyebrows (I just cut the strip to make it easier to wax my brows).  I used to use a different brand of wax strips in the past and found that you could only use them once, for these I used the strip multiple times before it was no longer sticky.  The waxing actually left me with smooth skin for about a month before some hair started to reappear, which is actually the amount of time the product is billed to last.  The only qualm about this product I have is the fact that there are only four moisturizing towelettes.  Sometimes the wax leaves excess, which is what the towels are great for; however, the ratio of four to 40 is a little off.  I wish NAIR would have included at least 10 of these, considering that I only used one double-sided strip out of the 20 in the box, plus one towelette.

For the legs, which are actually cacti in the summer months because leg hair tends to grow much faster when it’s warm out, I tried out two products.  The first one, NAIR Shower Power Moisturizing Hair Removal Cream Dry Skin Formula is actually a miracle in a bottle.  I was a bit skeptical about this product at first because I thought it would be too good to be true.  I mean, a cream that removes body hair? Nah, won’t work.  Boy, was I wrong.

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The product is billed to work “in as little as three minutes” but the process takes way longer than that.  Before you enter the shower, slather the stuff on your legs but make sure you aren’t rubbing it in.  The product does have a bit of a foul smell, but it’s to be expected.  Wait five minutes then enter the shower and do your usual business for another two (it’s okay if the water touches your skin and the lotion, just don’t rub it off).  After two minutes, take a cloth and remove a little bit to see if there is still hair.  If not, wipe it all away and voila! Smooth, soft skin, just like that.  I was actually so happy with this product and soon began to rave to everyone I know on just how amazing it was.  Sure, it takes much longer than shaving your legs, but it got rid of all the hair, left my skin feeling so smooth and moisturized, and, the best part, the hair remained gone for an entire week, much longer than it would have if I just shaved.  This product also comes in a sensitive formula and retails for $14.99.

big strips big strips open

Finally, and another product for my legs, I tried out the NAIR Brazilian Spa Clay PerfectTemp Easy to Use Wax Strips for Legs & Body, which are the bigger version of the face and bikini ones.  These work the same way and come with the same amount of strips and moisturizing towelettes.

Alright, so these did work, however, they didn’t blow me away like the Shower Power or the Face & Body strips.  I found that I had to use a lot of strips to get all my leg hair, and even then, there was still some hair remaining.  These are definitely more of a longer process than the other products.  At $14.99, these are still cheaper than getting it done professionally, however, be prepared to invest some time in doing a good and thorough job.

Overall, if you are looking for some great wax products that you can do yourself (I prefer to do everything myself, aside from a Brazilian, those I go and get professionally.  TMI?), NAIR has you covered. With so little time left, get those gams in tip top shape and rock those shorts as long as you can!


Have you tried waxing or hair removal products from NAIR?  What were your thoughts?

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