Boldly go… A look at select items from MAC Star Trek

MAC title I can’t remember the last MAC collection that had people beaming as much as MAC Star Trek.

In case you haven’t seen swatches and product images popping up all over the interweb, MAC is releasing a Star Trek collection in honour of the franchise’s 50th anniversary. The collection, which will be released in stores and online at the beginning of September, consists of lipsticks, lip glasses, powders, eye shadows, nail lacquer, eyeliner, lashes and brushes. Although it’s in celebration of the science fiction franchise, the products are inspired by some of the ladies of the series, Deanna Troi, Uhura, Seven of Nine and the Orion Girl, Vina (I was never a Star Trek kinda girl, so I have no clue who these ladies are…).


I was lucky to receive some items from the collection way ahead of the release date (MAC previewed the collection earlier in July at San Diego Comic Con), including all three nail lacquers, two of the glosses and one of the lipsticks.

All three nail lacquers in this collection are metallics. There’s a silver one (Enterprise), a gold one (Holla Deck) and a green shimmery confetti, think reptile skin (Skin of Evil). I typically don’t find that MAC Nail Lacquers last long on my nails, and I usually don’t gravitate towards metallics, but I ended up liking all three of these. They are quite eye-catching on the nails, but aside from Skin of Evil, they aren’t really colours we haven’t seen before. With that being said, they really do embody the theme of the collection nicely, and those names (Holla Deck!) are so Star Trek appropriate.

Holla Deck Enterprise Skin of Evil

There’s four lipsticks in the collection, everything from a shimmery red to a gold to a purple. I got the colour Kling It On (that name!), which is a frost finish and a deep purple with fine glitter. It’s a really pretty lipstick and definitely very unique. It applies like a deep berry with the glitter being quite prominent. The colour is definitely more of a fall shade, and embodies the Star Trek theme so nicely.

Kling It On goes perfectly with their Warp Speed Ahead Lipglass. This gloss is a plum shade with blue and pink reflective glitter. Wear it by itself for a hint of dark colour with shine, or pair it with Kling It On for a bold look.

The other gloss I got was Set to Stun, a light silver with gold pearl. This one doesn’t really apply silver, but instead just looks very metallic. It would pair nicely with just about any lipstick and give you that futuristic look that is the soul of Star Trek.

Kling it on Warp Speed Ahead Set to Stun

MAC did an outstanding job with creating shades and finishes that just scream Star Trek. I also want to note that even if there is nothing that catches your eye, the packaging is an amazing collector’s item for any die-hard fan. Aside from the Star Trek logo with the 50 in the middle, even the boxes have silver metallic foil inside them with the 50th anniversary logo. Pick it up for the nostalgia, the colours, or the packaging, with 25 pieces in this collection, I’m sure you’ll find something to beam about ;).

What items will you be picking up from MAC Star Trek when it launches on September 1?

Please note, I was sent these products from PR. All opinions are my own.

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