The next step: Colour correctors for flawless skin

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Suffer from redness? What about dullness? Dark circles?

As much as we all wish we could walk around and look airbrushed, it takes some work.  Sure, we all can look amazing on Instagram, but at the end of the day, when you wash it all off, there might be some redness around your nose, and dark circles under your eyes. As makeup is getting more advanced, brands are coming out with new innovative products to get rid of pesky skin problems.

You may have seen them in stores.  Green and purple concealers and palettes that look more like an artist’s arsenal of colours as opposed to something you would put on your face.  You may have already seen YouTube videos of girls putting red lipstick under their eyes to cancel out any darkness.

Enter the colour correcting palettes.  Sephora actually had a whole week promoting these products a couple weeks back, and loads of brands are coming out with new lines specifically for colour correcting.

Lise Watier and NYX

I’ve had some colour correcting and concealing palettes in my collection for a while, and since I actually don’t have that many skin problems, I don’t usually reach for them.  If you suffer from skin imperfections though, I would definitely look into investing into one of these miracle worker palettes.  NYX makes one for C$13.99  and Lise Watier has one for C$35, so you don’t need to invest a ton of money to get correcting.

I got to play around recently with the new Sephora x Pantone Universe Correct + Conceal Palette.  This guy, which retails for C$61, comes two shades, light/medium and medium/dark.  Since I’m so fair, I got the light/medium one, which has 15 correcting and concealing shades, as well as a booklet which walks you through what each shade does.

Graphs IMG_5141

Each palette helps to eliminate skin concerns. There’s a shade for brightening, eliminating redness, dark circles and dark spots, purple tones, dullness, and neutralizing dark circles and dark spots. There is also eight different shades of concealers, so this is great for yearly use as your skin typically turns colours as the seasons change (for example, we are usually darker in the summer than in the winter).

Since this is a collaboration with Pantone Universe, each shade is a different Pantone shade. The case is also the same size and model as the Pantone Universe Modern Watercolours Eyeshadow Palette, except that this one is a plain white case, no colour, except for the Sephora + Pantone Universe logo.

Colour Correcting swatches I gave this palette a try on the weekend. I don’t have a lot of issues with my skin, but I do have some redness down my nose and purple tones at the outer edges of my eyes. I took shade six, the green, and blended it down my nose and under my eyes, I also used shade 12, the yellow, on the outer edges of my eyes to eliminate redness and purple tones. Since these have a thicker consistency, I do recommend taking a light hand with them since they do blend out quite nice.  I was watching some YouTube reviews on this product and I found people saying that they were too opaque, however, I didn’t find that. The green blended out nicely and once I applied my foundation over top (the Sephora Collection Wonderful Cushion foundation, which has a light finish), I couldn’t tell that I have green underneath there. After applying my foundation, I applied one of the concealer shades, which were nice and thick, and then set everything with a powder and finished my makeup.

If you are really into colour correcting, I would look into purchasing a colour correcting palette. The Sephora one is quite comprehensive and large (and not to mention pricey), but lots of brands are offering them now (like I said earlier, the NYX one retails for $13.99). If you have one specific issue, such as redness, you can also just purchase a green colour correcting fluid. It’s one more step in your makeup application, but totally worth it if you have some major skin concerns.

Also, kind of related, if you are in the Winnipeg area, I’m hosting a Contouring Beauty Clinic at London Drugs St. Vital this Wednesday, March 16.  The 6:30 p.m. workshop is sold out, but the 7:15 p.m. slot still has two openings.  Best part is it’s totally free!  You can sign up via Eventbrite.

Have you tried your hand at colour correcting yet?

Please note, products sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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