The lash diaries: Sephora x Pantone Universe Light Flicker mascara

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A mascara plus glitter?  We like!

In my last post I recapped some items from Sephora x Pantone Universe’s SpectraLight collection.  One of these items was their new Light Flicker mascara that “helps lengthen and define lashes while coating them with a pearlescent shimmer.”

I have heard good things about Sephora’s mascaras in the past so I was very excited to give this one a shot.  This particular product comes in three colours: Jet Black, Nightshadow Blue, and Ombre Blue.  I received the colour Jet Black to try out.

Sephora, Pantone Universe, mascara

The mascara comes in a sleek white case and has a regular mascara brush.  The colour is black at first glance, but when I take this stuff off at the end of the day my cotton pad is full of glitter. With that being said, you don’t notice the actual glitter on your lashes, thus defeating the purpose of it being “shimmery” or “holographic”.  Total disappointment.  It does, however, leave your lashes looking pretty and volumized.

At first use, I didn’t like this mascara, I found it very gloopy and it wasn’t showstopping.  The wand does dispense a lot of product on your lashes, but after using it for a few days it grew on me and I actually liked how much of the stuff coated my lashes.

No mascara one coat two coats

This mascara retails for C$22 at Sephora and is limited edition.  I can think of a few mascaras that deliver better results than this one that are cheaper or a few dollars more.  Also, don’t buy this if you expect holographic lashes because then you will be very disappointed.

Are you going to try the Sephora x Pantone Universe Light Flicker mascara?

Please note, I was sent this mascara by PR.  All opinions are my honest own.

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