In the city of lights: A look feat. Too Faced Le Grande Palais holiday set


First thing I said after opening Too Faced’s holiday set, Le Grande Palais (well after the original awe of seeing it all), was oh my god, there’s lots of glitter.

As I mentioned in my post last week on Too Faced’s holiday sets, I’ve gotten these guys for the past four years and there’s always a blockbuster set with a ton of eyeshadows (in this case, there’s 18 shadows). For 2015, it’s all about the glitter, in fact most of the colours are a glitter consistency. Total swoon!


Since it’s the holiday season and Christmas parties are abundant, I wore this look out last Friday night as I attended two different parties (I’m just like, so popular.. kidding). As much as that hot pink and navy blue attracted to me, I chose to go with the baroque grey shade (Eiffel), with the light blue frost (String of Lights) in the inner corner to make it less smoky and more glamourous.

final 2 Steps 1. Lie down an eyeshadow primer, such as the mini of Too Faced Shadow Insurance included in the set, then with an apricot colour, apply this in your crease to act as your transition shade.  I used Salted Caramel from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, unfortunately there is no shade close to this in the Grande Palais palette.

2. With a flat shader brush, spray it first using a setting spray then apply String of Lights and apply to the inside of the lids towards the middle.

3. Using the other side of that brush, spray it again and then apply Eiffel from the middle of the lids to the outer area. Try to keep the colour concentrated on the lid area.

4. Using a crease brush, dip it lightly into both Cobblestone and Dreamlight and lightly blend that into your crease.

5. Before finishing the eyes, apply your foundation. I used Too Faced Born This Way foundation in Porcelain.

6. Apply a liquid or gel eyeliner, winging it out (I used Benefit They’re Real! Push Up Liner) and then curl your lashes using Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara (the mini from the set). Add some false lashes if you wish (mine are by Velour).

7. Using Eiffel again, apply that to your lower lash line and then coat your bottom lashes in mascara.

8. To finish off the face, apply your concealer, then to contour, I used Sun Bunny (a staple in Too Faced’s holiday sets).

9. For blush, I chose the peachy-toned one, Stardust, then the luminizer in Flush to highlight. For the lips, I used Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Melted Sugar.

final 1

I love this look but I do have a few qualms with this palette.

Glitter in general is hard to use, and the glitter shades in this palette definitely look more gorgeous in the set than they do when you apply them.  They look great on, but they are hard to apply. I definitely recommend spraying a setting spray on your brush prior to applying them, just so they have something to latch onto. I know in other reviews, people commented that Too Faced should have included their glitter primer, as this set has a majority of glitter shades. I have to say I agree. The colours are gorgeous, but a bit tough to apply. I actually went back and reapplied them after I put on my liner and mascara because the colours faded a bit.

I still think this set is beautiful and would make a fantastic gift, just be weary with the glitter shades.

Is Too Faced Le Grande Palais on your wish list?

Please note, product sent by PR, all opinions are my own.

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