Accented: Broadway Nails ImPRESS Ultra Shine Accent Nails


I’ve tried a variety of different press-on nails but if you asked me my fave, it would definitely be Broadway Nails’ ImPRESS press-on manicure (their Gel Fantasy ones are also really good). I love the designs and colours, the simplicity and ease of use, and best of all, how gorgeous they look on.  They also last for a fair amount of time (at least on my nails, everyone is different).

So with nail art being so popular now and especially the accent nail, I wished that the brand would come out with sets where they offer a few select nails with a different pattern (you could also buy multiple patterns, but that gets expensive).  Well, they listened and introduced a line that lets you have that trend, all in one package.

nails pink nails

Available in six different designs, these apply the same way you would with the regular line, except that you can officially switch up your manicure and have some fun with different designs.  I was especially excited about this line because all the designs are trendy and perfect for the summer and festival season.

In case you aren’t familiar with how these work, you get 24 nails and six accent nails, which come in 12 different sizes.  Find the nails that match your natural nail, remove the plastic backing, and then stick them on your nails.  That’s it.  No glue, no dry time, no damage.  They also peel-off to remove, making the process super smooth. The adhesive really does stick for a long time (I can usually get a week’s wear out of them) and they are also waterproof (hello summer!), so no worries about loosing a nail at the pool or beach.

Nails swatched

You can find these guys at your local drugstore for around $10.99.

Will you be ricking the accent nail trend this summer?

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