Smoke show: a look feat. L’Oreal Paris new Infallible products


In case you haven’t noticed yet, L’Oreal Paris has been stepping up their game lately with their new Infallible products.  I’ve blogged a bit about some of the items that are new for 2015, but I wanted to create a look that put them to the test.

A couple weeks back I received some of the new items, including the makeup setting spray (love this stuff, it’s also the only setting spray I can think of by a drugstore brand), the Infallible Pro-Matte powder (which was way too dark for my skin, but works as an awesome bronzer), a lip colour, two of the nail polishes, their new first-ever eyeliner-eyeshadow hybrid with 14-hour wear, and the Black Angel Miss Manga mascara.  There is also a liquid foundation and a brow pumper product as well.

The most interesting item was definitely Smokissime by Infallible, which is an eyeliner and an eyeshadow.  The product features a sponge tip that you pump into the cap to get the product.  You can use it as an eyeliner (although expect more of a smoky liner look) or an eyeshadow.  I thought this thing would be great to use for a smoky eye since I received it in the black colour, so a night out with friends last Friday was the perfect time to put it to the test.  Smokissime also come in brown, taupe and purple.

final 1
Steps 1. Fill in your brows then lay down an eyeshadow base. Then, with a fluffy crease brush and a matte tan colour, place this lightly in your crease. The eyeshadows I used are all from the Smashbox Full Exposure palette.

2. With a taupe cream shadow, place this on your eyelid.  I used New York Color City Proof 2HR eyeshadow crayon in Tribeca Taupe.

3. With L’Oreal Paris’ Smokissime by Infallible pencil, place this all over the lid area.  After, blend out the colour in the crease area.

4. With a matte brown and a crease brush, blend out the crease area more.

5. Since this is a smoky eye, skip the eyeliner and go straight to your lashes. Curl your lashes then apply a couple coats of mascara, and if you wish, some falsies.  I used L’Oreal Paris Black Angel Miss Manga by Voluminous mascara.

6. Apply your foundation, then using the Smokissime pencil again, paint this along your lower lash line.  After, with the matte brown, blend it out.  Apply a shimmery cream to the inside corners of your eyes and along your brow bone to highlight.  To finish up the eyes, coat your bottom lashes in mascara then apply your concealer.

7. To contour I used L’Oreal Paris’ new Infallible Pro Matte powder in tan.  This is actually a foundation powder, but since I’m so pale, this tan colour is the perfect matte brown for a contour.

8. To finish up, apply a blush (I used a Make Up For Ever HD Blush) and highlight.  Then, with L’Oreal Paris’ Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender by Infallible, spray this all over your face to set your makeup.

final 2

Overall, these products left me quite impressed.  The matte powder (which I always use as a contour) and the setting spray have been on my regular rotation since I received them.  I’m not a huge fan of the Smokissime product as a liner, but as an eyeshadow for a smoky eye, it works great.  I also want to note that I was quite surprised that it didn’t have a lot of fall out.  I would still recommend applying your foundation last, but the product is quite clean to apply, it’s also something unique to me, I can’t think of any other product – drugstore or not – that is similar.

Kudos L’Oreal Paris, you’re killing it for January.

Are you excited to try some of the new Infallible products?

Please note, I received this product from PR. All opinions are my own.

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