Never-ending colour: L’Oreal Paris Infallible nail polish

TITLE In case you haven’t noticed yet, L’Oreal Paris has updated their Infallible line.  From lip colours to foundations to even a new setting spray, these new Infallible products are super long wearing, full of colour, and just all-around amazing.

New to the roster are the Infallible Nail Polishes, which are a double-ended product that includes colour and a top coat. Although the packaging makes it look like there’s a brush on either end, each colour pulls out of the holder to reveal a regular nail polish jar (although a tad smaller than your typical polish).  Just like other brands, this line of polish is long-wearing with a “gel” shine. Each colour (12 in total) is supposed to have a 12-day wear, give you a gel shine, leave no nail damage, and are easy to remove.  Depending on the colour, the top coat is either clear or tinted to match the shade.

I’ve tried tons of “at-home” gel polishes that it seems like every drugstore brand is releasing.  Some are definitely better than others, with L’Oreal being one of the best I’ve tried. I received two colours, Iconic Indigo (which has a blue-tinted top coat) and Petale Revival.  At first glance, Petale Revival, a sheer nude pink, was way more appealing, as Iconic Indigo has that holographic effect which I always associate with more mature women, however, when I painted them on, it was opposite.  Iconic Indigo is such a stunning purple that is so eye-catching.  Two coats did the trick, compared to Petale Revival, where I had to use four since it’s so sheer.

Iconic indigo Petale Revival

Both colours held up fairly well. I applied Petale Revival last Friday and as I’m typing this (Wednesday) it’s still pretty immaculate (some nails are slightly chipped, but I have thin nails).  I also put my nails through the ringer as I was travelling Saturday to Tuesday.  Although I don’t think you could get a 12-day perfect wear, this stuff holds up way better than a number of other polishes.  I was looking at the other colours online, and although the collection isn’t as vast as others out there, the 12 shades they chose to introduce the line are actually pretty nice.  I would definitely pick up the majority, if not all of them (not like I need more nail polish though…).

Again, not a true gel polish (they don’t give you that hardness that I love in a gel manicure), but for longevity and colour, L’Oreal nailed it with these.

Will you be trying the new L’Oreal Paris Infallible polishes?

Please note, I received this product from PR. All opinions are my own.

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