Brushes + bags: The perfect holiday gift for anyone


So you’re looking for a great gift for a friend or family member.  Sure, a lip gloss set, moisturizer, eyeshadow palette, etc. all make wonderful gifts, but sometimes I like just keeping it basic.

I give my friends makeup all the time.  In fact, I single-handedly built up a few of my friend’s makeup collections.  Great makeup is always good to have on hand, but it takes the proper tools to actually make the stuff work. You know those sponge applicators that always come with eyeshadows, I seriously just toss those right away because let’s be real here, those are not going to give you an amazing eye look.  You need some proper tools to really create a masterpiece #blendblendblend,

So, this brings me to brushes.  Just like palettes, the holidays are great for picking up brush sets.  In fact, this is really the only time of the year when most makeup stores and brands release brush sets for a good price.  The mecca of all holiday stores, Sephora, has some great offerings in store for those you want to up their brush game.

Big brush set

My favourite set, the Pure Luxury Antibacterial Brush Set is a seven-piece collection encased in a fold-out black and gold faux-leatherenvelope. These brushes are treated with antimicrobial technology that keeps the brushes fresher for longer and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Retailing for C$75, this set includes a powder brush, foundation brush, angled eyeshadow brush, eyeshadow brush, concealer brush, flat eyeliner brush, and brow comb.

little brush set

If you are looking for something more travel sized, the Gold Star Skinny Brush Set is a five-piece set housed in a sleek gold fold-out envelope.  This set includes a powder brush, foundation brush, crease brush, shadow brush, and liner brush.  At a price of C$49, this set is more affordable than the other one, but keep in mind these are travel-sized brushes.  I have a similar set from fall and keep it in my purse, and trust me, these really come in handy.

Sephora also has a few more sets, but the two I mentioned are definitely the more affordable ones.  I have many Sephora-brand brushes and I do find they are really great quality.

I also want to mention the Sephora Collection Multitasker Mini Complexion 45.5 brush (shown above). This little guy (C$18) is a travel-size version of the Classic Multitasker Brush #45, designed for applying loose and compact mineral powders in limited-edition champagne gold.  Although the sets do come with a “foundation” brush, I prefer a brush like this one to buff the product into my skin.  You can also apply blush, bronzer, concealer, you name it.  I always keep this guy in my purse cosmetic pouch because it’s so small and comes in handy for touch ups on the go.

bags and brushes bag

If you prefer something a little more versatile, try gifting a makeup pouch (make sure you also throw something in there!).  These always come in handy, and yes, I know that every gift with purchase includes one, but a nice, well-made, roomy makeup pouch is an essential for anyone. The Voyageur (C$35) is a medium sized cosmetic bag that could double as a clutch. The zipper top opens to expose the pink lining inside and is perfect for those that don’t have a ton of makeup.  If you are looking for something more heavy duty, try The Weekender (C$48), which is a fold-open case which includes a little hanger.  Both sides contain zippered compartments so you can store a number of things without making a mess.  Both sets come in the limited edition gold and black holiday print.

Yes, a makeup bag or a brush set may be considered a boring gift, but seriously, they are such staples that overtime, whoever you are gifting them to, will get the most use of. We all started somewhere, it’s time to give that push to invest in quality products that will give the makeup the effect that it’s meant for (started from the bottom, now we here).

Will you be gifting a brush set or makeup bag this holiday season?

Please note, product sent by PR, all opinions are my own.

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