Festive fingers: Holiday press-on nails by Kiss & Broadway Nails


The holidays are all about the glitz and glam! Not only are the clothes getting more shiny, but glitter polish should be all the rage this season.

Holiday parties, New Years, you name it, nails should be on point.  But what if you are like me and have thin, peeling, short nails?  Well, my friends, that’s when press-ons come in.

Back in the day, press-on nails weren’t that great.  You usually chose from one style (French manicure) and they didn’t last too long and looked quite fake.  Tons of companies have stepped up the game when it comes to press-on nails and you can find gorgeous designs that will have people guessing if those tips are real.

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Both KISS and Broadway Nails have released some festive collections for the season.  My favourite press-on line, Broadway Nails imPRESS has a fabulous glitter line with ultra-gel shine.  Consisting of 24 different nails in 12 different sizes, you can find a size to fit any of your nails.  I’ve been rocking the blue glitter ombre nails, which are the short size, something I prefer as opposed to the regular sizes.  I love the look of the regular ones, however, I find them difficult to do anything with. I can’t text, I can’t type, I can’t take out my contacts, these are way more manageable and more natural looking. If you haven’t tried Broadway Nails before, they are super easy to apply.  Just find the right size for each nail, remove the plastic backing, then press over top of your nail.  They should last for 10 days, give or take. You can find Broadway Nails at most drugstores. They retail for SRP $10.99.

If you are into the gel look, try Kiss Nails Gel Fantasy, which gives you mega-shine and a smooth finish.  I’ve been obsessing over how festive and glittery the two sets I received are.  These are great because they come with press-on adhesive (like the L’Oreal Paris press-ons), or you can choose to glue them on with the included adhesive glue.  These also retail for $10.99 and you can find them at various drugstores around the country.  These guys are a bit thicker than the Broadway Nails imPRESS versions (both of which are part of the same company), so it just comes to personal preference in what you prefer in terms of design, texture, and ease of use.


Like I mentioned before, I love the look of glitter, especially during this season, but glitter has a tendency to peel easily, and don’t forget about the nasty removal process.  With these press-ons, you get nice-looking nails right away.  Plus, I like using these to let my nails grow out, so I can have longer nails once I take these off.

Do you like using press-on nails?

Please note, this post contains products sent by PR.  All opinions are my own.

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