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I’ve always been that girl that has been blessed in the brow department. When I was younger, I had the bushiest brows (never a full unibrow though, phew!), and after years of getting them waxed and plucked, they are finally a shape that I can maintain.  I do my own brows and usually will just tweeze them for upkeep.  I like the shape of them and for the most part, they are pretty low maintenance.

Because I don’t have thin brows I didn’t really think about ever filling them in, I mean why would I?  Well, a year or so back, after I started blogging, I thought I would just start filling in the top parts where it is a bit sparse at times.  Also, my left brow’s tail is a bit shorter than my right one, so I would extend it out a bit to make it even.  I started off with powder (love Buck from the Urban Decay Naked palette) and gradually I started playing around with other formulas like pencils and gels.

I was obsessed with the Sleek Brow Kit that I picked up in London, but then at the London Drugs Beauty Event last month there was a company there that I had never heard of. Chella is a company based in the U.S that specializes in brows, lashes and skin care.  We got a goodie bag of their products at the event (the brand will be launched in LD stores soon!) that included their eyebrow pencil, gel, highlight, pencil sharpener, and a heated eyelash curler.

I’m all for trying new products, but usually after a couple tries, I graduate onto something new and it gets lost in my makeup collection. Not these products.  The pencil, gel, and highlight have been my recent go-to brow routine ever since I got the products in the middle of June.  In fact, in the past month, I think there have been only a handful of days where I haven’t reached for them.

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As you can see, my brows don’t need too much help.  I just fill in the tops, apply the highlight pencil on top and below to sculpt (this thing is serious a must-have, use it as an inner-eye highlight as well!), blend it in, and then use the gel to set it all in place (my brow hairs can tend to get long and messy), and that’s it.


Through my years of blogging, I have come across many different brow products and although I would definitely recommend some more than others, the ones from Chella are seriously a force to be reckoned with.  I was even thinking if you had to pick just one, I can’t even choose.  Obviously the pencil would be first priority, but I seriously have been loving the three products together, they make such a nice combo that if brows are a major issue for you, give these a try, you’ll love them.

What are your must-have brow products?

Please note, these products were provided by PR.

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