OMG! Sally Hansen releases Miracle Gel, cure-free gel polish

SH title I have a love-hate relationship with gel polish.  I love the shiny look of gel nails, the fact that they harden my natural nails, and obviously the long wear time on them.  The hate part is that it’s quite a process and let’s not forget the dreaded removal process.  Acetone remover, plus tinfoil, plus scraping equals a pain in my side.

It seems like the trend right now with a lot of different brands is cure-free “gel” polish.  Revlon has a line, CND has a line, CoverGirl has a line, and now Sally Hansen will be releasing their line next month.  Available in over 45 shades, Miracle Gel is billed as the only true two-step gel manicure with no light needed. This line consists of colour and the special topcoat (which comes in a black bottle, apparently you know it’s a true gel topcoat if it comes in a black bottle) and promises a 14-day wear.  Best of all, you can use any polish remover to get rid of it, AKA no more tinfoil!


I received the topcoat, as well as the colour Electra-Cute, a summery orange shade, to try out before it launches next month.  I’m already a huge fan of Sally Hansen polishes so I was super pumped to get my little hands on this.  I painted my nails last Thursday and so far, they have held up quite well except for my right thumb and right index finger, both of which chipped.  With that being said, I have been having issues with my nails peeling lately, so I’m pretty sure my nail just peeled, taking the colour with it, I don’t think it was the polish’s fault.

I didn’t quite get to the 14-day mark with perfect chip-free nails, instead, it held up for six days, which isn’t too bad, and much longer than your regular polish.  Do I like it better than gel?  No.  If I was looking for longevity, I would still stick with a gel polish, and most of all, if I was looking to grow my nails out, which is often why I paint a gel on, I would opt for that route as well. I find that gels harden my nails, and as I mentioned, my nails have been peeling, so if I want them to grow, I often will paint a gel.  Sure, the removal process is a pain, but I often can have them on for a week and a half to two weeks, so it makes it worth it.  I also love the glossy finish they leave my nails, and let’s not forget the fact that you are out the door in no time flat, since there isn’t any drying time.


I do think the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a great product, and perfect for those who want their polish to last more than a few days.  I have a couple at-home gel kits, which are usually quite pricey to buy, so if you were looking for a great alternative, I would give these a try. A lot of people have compared these to CND’s Vinylux products, which bill a 10-day wear, and I have tried that line, but I have to say, I like the Sally Hansen version more.  I find Vinylux to be a bit thin and it usually chips on me by the next day.

As mentioned, with over 45 shades to choose from, there are more than a couple that have caught my eye, and no doubt anyone can find a shade that will impress them.

Are you excited to try Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel?

Please note, I was sent this product from PR.  All opinions are my own.

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