A passion for pinks: my top pink choices for spring!

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I thought I found my spring go-to lipsticks when Maybelline released their Buffs collection, but then I came across my weakness and I caved.

Baby pinks and nudes are my jam.  Although I will sport the occasional red, dark, or magenta lip, there’s nothing like a baby pink to brighten my day.  It’s so sweet, but sexy at the same time.  I do have quite the collection of various shades, but I’m such a sucker that as soon as a spot a new one, I cave.  It doesn’t matter if I have a couple already that are dupes, if I see it, I must have it in my life.

I picked up two new baby pinks within days of each other (Hi, my name is Shayna and I have a lipstick problem), and I am obsessed.  Although it may be too pale for some, baby pinks are so perfect to sport once the weather gets nicer (or for me, year round).  It’s still -40 degrees Celsius (#WinnipegPeopleProblems), but a pink pout usually warms my mood, no matter what the thermostat says.

Covergirl yummy Covergirl

My first obsession is an affordable one.  CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Yummy.  This blue-toned pale pink goes on quite sheer but is buildable.   I have a few CoverGirl lipsticks already, but I haven’t come across one that I would normally reach for/a staple in my collection.  Then, I spotted Yummy during the Beauty United Grammys party and I knew I had to have it in my life.  Prior to this one, I hadn’t really come across a drugstore baby pink that I would recommend to people, but then I got Yummy.  It’s seriously just as cute as it’s name.

For those unfamiliar with CoverGirl’s Lip Perfection lipsticks, they are super buildable and incredibly moisturizing. Because this shade in particular is so light, I do find that I have to reapply it often, but honestly, I find that with a lot of light-coloured lipsticks, no matter the brand.

Lipsticks MAC swatch

My second obsession is one that I was a little hesitant blogging about, only because it’s part of a MAC limited edition collection.  Rose Lily, a lustre lipstick is part of MAC’s current collection, A Fantasy of Flowers, which is full of pastel-shades and perfect for spring.  Basically I saw this, tried it on, and was like I really don’t need another pink lipstick… and then my mom bought it for me the next day (thanks mom!), so I guess it was meant to be.

Because this shade is a lustre, it goes on sheer but you can build it up.  It’s also quite glossy, so it’s a double whammy, colour and gloss!  This particular shade is sold out online, but when I bought it from my closest MAC counter (which is probably the most popular counter in my city), they had three left after I got mine.  The MAC store had a whole bunch and that was a week after the collection released.  If you are interested in picking this colour up, call your local counters.


MAC Rose Lily on top, CoverGirl Yummy on bottom.

I did swatch the two colours to see if they would be dupes and no, they aren’t exactly the same. CoverGirl Yummy is a bit darker than MAC’s Rose Lily, but if you are craving a baby pink and Rose Lily is sold out, try CoverGirl’s version, it’s more affordable and I find both of them to be really moisturizing.

What’s your go-to shade for spring?  Have you tried CoverGirl’s Yummu lipstick and MAC’s Rose Lily?

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