Fitness Fridays: Color Me Rad 5K Winnipeg


Every week I try to get at least a couple runs in.  When I was in high school I would always dread the Terry Fox run or the 12 minute run in gym class.  I was overweight, out of shape, and just hated running.

Fast forward to now, where I can run 5K no problem.  I’ve never done an actual marathon before, although I have always tempted to do one (especially when I see shiny metals around people’s neck right after a race).

A few months back, Winnipeg was announced as one of the stops that the uber-popular Color Me Rad 5K will be taking place.  Color Me Rad is more like a fun run, rather than a marathon, as it’s not timed.  The appeal of the run is that you are bombed with colour while on the trail.  Color Me Rad has stops all over North American in Canada and U.S. and held two runs here at the Assiniboine Downs (July 20 and 21).  The race fee cost me $35 (although it went up closer to the actual date) and part of the proceeds went to Camp Manitou.

Color Me Rad, Winnipeg


Color Me Rad, Winnipeg


I did the run with my coworker Carly (check out her blog here) on the Saturday and although our race time “started” at 9:40 a.m., we got there a little after 10 because the traffic was crazy.  It didn’t seem to matter what time you were there as they let people run every 10 minutes or so.

The trail is 5K and featured varied terrain, so we ran on pavement, grass, up a hill, gravel, etc.  You get bombed with colour every kilometre and each colour station had either liquid colour that they squirted on you through a hose, or actual powder colour.  Although I wished there were more colour stations, it was nice knowing that if you hit a station you were one kilometre closer to finishing.

start crowd

The race itself isn’t timed; you get a race bib but that’s just so you can look up photos of yourself after.  There were tons of people just walking the trail; they were just there for the colour and the fun. Honestly, though, if you just show up and blend in, anyone could run it.  There were a couple days before the race where participants had to pick up their race kits which contained a blue Color Me Rad T-shirt, sunglasses, a race bib, and a “RAD” tattoo, so they don’t even check when you get to the run location.

Overall, the race was fun.  I mean, there’s not much to it; it’s a 5K race and you get blasted with colour which is very hard to wash off after.  I actually had to jet right to a fitness class after so I showed up there covered in purple and people were asking me if I had either A) a really bad sunburn, or B) a skin disease.  I really had to give the old loofa a go to get the rainbow off me, and even then some of it stayed on (including some yellow along my breastbone which will not go away).  The white wifebeater I wore still remains peach after three washes and the colour finally came out of my shoes after I hosed them down, left them in the rain, and then left them outside to dry for two days (there is still some pink on them.  Seriously, if you are running this, don’t wear your nice gym or workout clothes.

powder smiles me

Overall, I had a really great time, and although I don’t count this as my first marathon, I’m still really glad I ran it.  Would I do it again next year?  Maybe.  It was a bit too messy for my taste (literally the stuff was everywhere), but I mean that’s the whole point of the race right?  If you are hesitant about doing it, I would put your hesitations aside.  Color Me Rad really is about having fun.  It doesn’t matter what skill level you are or if you are athletic, it’s a fun way to get outside (and to get a little dirty).

Are you participating in Color Me Rad this year?  If you already ran it, what were your thoughts?

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