Makeup must haves! Top three vacation essentials

products This week’s FASHION magazine Beauty Panel challenge was a simple one for me.  The question was “You’re going on vacation and must pack light.  What three must-have beauty products do you bring and why?”

The answer came to me automatically: BB Cream, mascara, and Smith’s Rosebud Salve.

Obviously, some sort of face product is a must have because who doesn’t want a flawless finish on vacation?  I chose a BB Cream because they are multi-taskers.  Not only do they provide you with light to medium coverage, but they also moisturize, conceal, prime, and best of all, many have an SPF in them.  I included my current favourite Dior DiorSkin Nude BB Cream because it makes my skin look amazing (seriously, I have hardly even touched my beloved Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation).

ME Mascara is also a must because if I had to choose just one eye product, a good mascara is it.  One swipe will leave you with bright-looking eyes that just open up your whole face.  It’s amazing what the power of mascara can do to your whole look.  I went with It Cosmetics Hello Lashes 5-1 Volumizing Mascara because not only does it has a great wand to coat every single lash, but it also tints your lashes over time, is a conditioner and primer, and is a serum.

Finally, my holy grail makeup product of all time had to make the list.  I have been using Smith’s Rosebud Salve ever since I had dry lips at work one day and bought it at a kiosk in the mall (it was between that or a Gap lip gloss, I am so glad I went with the salve).  Not only does this miracle product relieve dry lips, but I also use it to get rid of zits, as a cuticle cream, moisturize dry skin, un-itch mosquito bites, and more.  There are also countless other remedies it can cure and really is a must-have for any makeup bag, vacation or not!

What are your three must-have beauty essentials?

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