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owl For the past year I have been saving up for a condo.  Recently, I have begun to buy the things I need for when I eventually move to my new place.  Aside from kitchen wares, I have been picking up items that suite my style.  Some of these items have been coffee table books.

I have always loved the look of coffee table books, but with the lack of an actual coffee table, my dreams of displaying these books beautifully had to be put on hold.  Recently, at a stop into Urban Barn I fell in love with their Hoot Stool so I quickly picked one up and proudly show off my collection of style and beauty books.

For my overflow books, I keep those near my table-side lamp. Anyways, I hope you find this post inspiring in case you like me, and don’t own a coffee table, but love coffee table books.


box set

Liza Lamp from Urban Barn

Liza Lamp from Urban Barn

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