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Dots & neon

Happy Friday! I am fully embracing colour this season.  I got this chic yellow tote from Coach for my birthday, which has been adding some rays of sunshine to my days even though the weather has been having some mood swings. Shirt: Simons (on sale now!) Pants: Material Girl (also on sale) Shoes: Material Girl Belt: H&M […]

Chic reads

For the past year I have been saving up for a condo.  Recently, I have begun to buy the things I need for when I eventually move to my new place.  Aside from kitchen wares, I have been picking up items that suite my style.  Some of these items have been coffee table books. I […]

Book review: Lauren Conrad Style

So I felt the need to invest in a few girly books and I have always had my eye on Lauren Conrad’s Style (co-written with Elise Loehnen).  This book was originally released in October 2010, but fear not, the style tips do still apply as they are pretty basic things that anyone should know. From […]