The Holiday Collection: Make Up For Ever All Eyes On You set

Makeup collections and palettes are definitely the best bet when it comes to getting the best bang for your buck, especially around the holiday season.  I mean you can’t just buy someone a $30 mascara and call it a gift; you have to throw in a few items to make it a set.

Pro brand Make Up For Ever released their All Eyes On You set recently for the holiday season that comes with essentials and some of my favourite items.

The set includes:

  • HD High Definition Powder Microfinish Powder
  • Aqua Eye Waterproof Eyeliner in 0L (matte black)
  • Aqua Eye Waterproof Eyeliner in 21L (grey)
  • Smoky Lash Extra Black Mascara
  • Aqua Cream waterproof cream colour in #16

I have a few of these items already, and in fact, the only product I haven’t tried was the MUFE Smoky Lash mascara.  Both the HD Microfinish Powder (which lasts forever) and Aqua Eyes eyeliner are some of my fave products, so if you are looking for something for a makeup junkie, this is it.

From top to bottom: MUFE Aqua Eyes eyeliner in 21L, MUFE Aqua Eyes eyeliner in 0L, Aqua Cream in #16

MUFE Smoky Lash wand

This set may be missing some other essential items for eyes like eyeshadow, but you can actually do a lot of different looks with what it comes with; anything from day to night.  For some extra help on what to do, the back of the box includes a handy step-by-step guide for those completely lost.

The Aqua Cream colour that the set comes with looks pink in the jar, but it’s actually quite sheer once applied. As a result, it’s a really pretty highlight colour.  I love Aqua Creams because they are just so creamy to work with and they are waterproof, so you know that the product isn’t going to budge.

I decided to create a few different looks using this set just to show how versatile it is.

Daytime look – I often like to just keep my makeup simple for the daytime.  Throw on a cream eyeshadow with a heavy winged liner and some mascara and I’m out the door.

Lips: MAC Naughty Saute with Victoria's Secret Slick Shine gloss in Secret Crush over top

1. After you apply your foundation and concealer, tap some of the Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder into the lid of the container and using a powder brush, sweep this all over your face, setting your makeup.

2. Using the Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #16, apply this all over the lid area and into the inner corner of your eyes.  You can use a brush to apply this, I just used my finger.

3. With the Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes liner in 0L (matte black), line your upper lash line winging it out.  I did a thicker line because I wanted a cat eye effect.

4. With the Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes liner in 21L (grey), line your lower lash line, connecting it to your upper lash line at the outer corners of your eyes.  Also, don’t apply this near your inner corner because we want to still see the Aqua Cream we applied there; it gives the illusion of a brighter eye.

5. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash mascara.

Nighttime look – This look is soft enough to be worn during the day and if you really want to darken it up, use the black eyeliner instead of the grey one to smoke out of the colour.  For added oomph, pop on some falsies for a super flirty look!

1. After you apply your foundation and concealer, grab the Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder and tap some into the lid. Using a powder brush, sweep the product all over the face, setting your face makeup.

2. With Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Cream in #16, apply this all over the lid area, into the crease, and under the brow bone. This is acting as both a highlight and a primer.

3. With Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Eyes eyeliner in 21L (the grey colour), apply this along your upper lash line and all over the lid area. Don’t go too crazy!

4. With a flat-shader brush, smoke out the colour blending it upwards and sheering out the colour.

5. With a fluffy crease brush, even out the colour in the crease area.

6. Using the same grey pencil, apply this along your lower lash line, about halfway. Then using either a pencil brush or your finger (I used my finger), blend it out, softening the colour.

7. With Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes liner in 0L (matte black), line your waterline and then along your upper lash line, slightly winging it out.  I also applied this in my tightline.

8. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of Make Up For Ever’s Smoky Lash in black.

Cheeks: NARS Madly. Lips: MAC Innocence, Beware! and Smashbox Illume lipgloss

This set is perfect for those who are either getting into makeup or who are starting to really invest in their collections.  This set includes two liners, a mascara, a setting powder, and a primer/cream eyeshadow, so a few must-have items get knocked off the list.  I would also get this for anyone who just loves Make Up For Ever or wants to try out the brand – you get a good sampler of some of their cult products.  If you are in need of a new mascara and eyeliner anyways, I would pick this up (MUFE Aqua Eyes liners run for $20 and the Smoky Lash for $25, so for $20 more you can get these extra products).

The set retails for C$65 at Sephora, however, if you were to buy all these items separately it would cost C$109, so you are saving some considerable money with this set (the eyeliners alone cost C$20 each).

The products this set comes with are staples that should be in everyone’s makeup collection, and just the fact that they are Make Up For Ever makes it all the much better because you are getting the quality factor, as well as the fact that these products really do work and are just so amazing.  I swear by their eyeliners, they are just so creamy to apply, same with the aqua creams, both of which are waterproof. I already own the HD Microfinish Powder in the larger size and haven’t even used half of it yet (I bought it in August 2011) and I use it probably six out of the seven days of the week.  This was my first time using Smoky Lash and so far I like it; I love how my lashes don’t feel clumping or stiff, they are still soft and flexible.

Kudos Make Up For Ever on an “eye-catching” set!

Is the Make Up For Ever All Eyes On You set on your holiday list?

Please note, I was sent this set for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.

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