Five Ways To Get Sky-High Voluminous Hair

One way to take advantage of a crazy windy day.

I love big hair.  Honestly, for me, the bigger the better.  Unfortunately though, voluminous hair isn’t always attainable.  Due to the powers of gravity, my hair can tend to fall flat (especially if it’s straightened) or going on second or third day hair.  There is just something so glamourous about tresses with sky-high volume, it’s 50’s glam Brigitte Bardot, Farrah Fawcett from Charlie’s Angels, heck even Snooki from Jersey Shore. 

There are numerous ways to get your hair from fall flat to filled with volume, but here are my top five.

Number One: Volumizing Mousse

I have to start off by saying that I’m not a mousse girl.  For me, mousse is for curly haired gals, but with that being said, a little volumizing mousse at your roots after you take a shower doesn’t hurt.

Start off with freshly washed hair and after towel-drying it, apply a small dab of mousse (less than a palm’s full, remember, mousse grows in your hand after you spray it) to the roots.  Massage it in for a few minutes then blow dry your hair.  It is best to do this with a round brush (or throw in some large rollers) to get your roots up, but if you don’t have one, try blow drying your hair with your head upside down.  By doing this you are drying your roots a certain way and it will instantly add volume to your hair.

Number Two: Mattifying Powder

These products may look small but they give big results.  Dust some of the powder (I use Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It Hair Mattifying Powder.  Kevin Murphy makes one too) on your roots (I usually will separate the hair right off the crown of my head and dust some on there) then mess it up!  The starch in the product adds volume to your roots, thus resulting in bigger hair.  If your tresses fall flat throughout the day just get back in here and mess it up some more.  This stuff will last in your hair until your next shower.

Number Three: Root Lifting Spray

Sorry for the bad angle, my brother took the photo. Hey, I only have two hands!

I can’t speak for all root lifting sprays, but I love Matthew James’ Root Lift Spray. Just separate your hair starting at the back of your crown, spray it on, then tease with a teasing comb.  Repeat on either sides for sky-high volume.

Number Four: Hairspray

This one is pretty basic.  Basically repeat the same steps as the root lift spray but with your favourite hairspray then tease.  I honestly prefer the root lift spray, but I figure mostly every girl owns a bottle of hairspray.  Just don’t forget a good teasing comb!

Number Five: Curls

Last and not least, try curling your hair.  You can either curl the fronts to give you that Kim Kardashian hair or curl your whole head.  Just a tip, after you curl your hair, release it from the barrel then wind it back up and bobby pin it to your head.  Repeat until you are down your whole head and then hairspray it and release the curls.  The curls will be a bit more defined that way because they had longer to set.  What are your tips for voluminous hair?

Oh, and one more thing.. It’s been a while since I posted a picture of these rascals. 🙂