Product Review: YSL Rouge Volupte Perle: 108 Celestial Mauve

So you guys should know by now how obsessed I am with Yves Saint Laurent’s (YSL) Rouge Volupte products. Everything about them I love.  I could seriously just have one stick of these bad boys and no other makeup and I would be happy.  Well, maybe not… I don’t think I could live without foundation.

Anyways, when I was in Las Vegas at the end of August I of course had to pick up a few of these because I don’t have a YSL counter in my city (my local Sephora just sells the Faux Cils mascara – review to come soon!).  Anyways, I stopped by Neiman Marcus at Fashion Show Mall (after I bought my “first daughter”, my Chanel bag) and instantly fell in love with one of the shades in their new Rouge Volupte Perle line.  The colour, dear readers, is called Celestial Mauve (product number 108) and it is the prettiest lilac purply-pink I have ever seen.  Of course I had to have it. The Perle shades are a bit different in formula from the regular line.  This is what YSL has to say on their website:

The ultimate accessory, this creamy and nourishing lipstick is enveloped in a luxurious gold case with the timeless YSL logo that speaks elegance. Lips instantly feel soft and supple and are drenched in gorgeous color with a satiny-pearl finish. The secret—a perfect blend of nourishing and soothing ingredients, and voluptuous pearls (transparent crystal pearls and colored pearls) that caress lips with a sensual yet sophisticated shine that’s utterly irresistible. Long-lasting and highly comforting formula, leave lips looking smoother, fuller and more radiant. SPF 15. Alright, so the one thing I noticed about these sticks (other than the to-die-for colour) was that you have to really layer this on to get the colour you desire.  In comparison to the regular Rouge Voluptes, which go on perfectly first swipe, you have to go over your lips with this product numerous times before that gorgeous lilac colour is radiating from your lips. I don’t mind layering it so many times, but these things are expensive ($34 USD) and the longer wear I can get from it, the better.  Like all Rouge Volupte products, the consistency of them are quite creamy and glide on your lips so you can tend to use the product up quickly with the Perles.

Another difference is the shine. I find Rouge Volupte to be quite shiny already, but the Perles really bring it to another level.  These lipsticks are glossy!  And I’m talking glossy as in a wet way.  Now I’m not complaining here, I actually really do like the effect, it’s like a lipgloss but 100 per cent better.  You get the same colour payoff as a lipstick but the shine of a gloss.

So my final thoughts?  Well, I wish that the Perles would be like the regular line in terms of colour payoff at first swipe, but I really do love this colour.  It’s so pretty, really the perfect lilac colour.  Now with that being said, I actually ended up giving this to my mom. She really wanted #8 Fetish Pink from the regular line but I couldn’t find it anywhere (I got it as a birthday gift), so when I couldn’t find her the one she wanted I knew she would love this one (we have the same taste in lipsticks).  I unfortunately didn’t have time to go back to Neimans to buy myself one and Sephora didn’t have the Perle line.

Have you tried YSL’s Rouge Volupte Perle in Celestial Mauve?  Or any colours from the Perle line?  What were your thoughts?