Cheap and Chic: President’s Choice Scented Natural Soy-Blend Candles

So if you are anything like me, you love hitting the scented candle section of Bath and Body Works as soon as you enter the store.  I love the scents of their candles and how they do certain scents to match the time of year.  For example, right now for fall they have cinnamon and clove, homemade cookies, apple crumble, etc.  Truly fall scents perfect for Thanksgiving and leaves falling, and the sun setting early.  You know, typical fall stuff.

I could seriously go nuts in that store, except one thing hold me back.  The prices!  Now I’m not talking about the soaps here, I’m talking about the candles.  The three-wick ones (14.5 oz.) retail for $24.50 in Canada.  I know they often have buy-one-get-one sales, but still, they are pretty darn expensive.

Anyways, last week I was stocking up on my groceries for the week at the Real Canadian Superstore and I saw that they had 20 oz. soy-blend scented candles for, get this, $5.  Yes folks, five whole dollars.  And man, do they smell delish.  They come in four scents for fall, Cinnamon Bun, Banana Nut Loaf, Angel Food Cake, and Apple Crumble.

I ended up choosing the Cinnamon Bun one but it was a tough decision.  These really are a great deal, not only are they so inexpensive and smell yummy, but they are soy-blend so they are good for the environment (unlike the Bath and Body Works ones).

Anyways, I thought I would do a quick post here about them.  I often do find some great deals so I created a new section, appropriately called “Cheap and Chic”.  It was either that or Frugal and Fabulous, I thought Cheap and Chic sounded better…

On a side note and speaking of Bath and Body Works, they are offering on their Canadian Facebook page right now a deal for a free product after you spend $10.  Check it out here.