Workout Fusion and Giveaway! (CLOSED)

So for about a year now I have been a workout addict.  I hit the gym about five days a week and either do cardio or a variety of different fitness classes (my favourite is Group Power).  I find that if I miss a day I just feel so off; I’m pretty sure that I have an addiction or something, it’s weird.

Anyways, recently I got a Fusion Power Bandz to help with my fitness.  Basically what the band is is a silicone bracelet that is infused with tourmaline, germanium, silicone, and titanium (only the PRO model has the titanium).

Okay, say what? Let me try to break this down for you regular folk.  The key ingredient (in my opinion) is the tourmaline which emits negative ions which are healthy for you.  The negative ions are medically proven to provide a variety of health benefits including increased blood flow, balanced serotonin (a neurotransmitter that is found in the gastrointestinal tract, platelets, and the central nervous system. It is known as the “happiness hormone”), increased energy and focus, and better sleep, among others.  The band is also supposed to relieve all kinds of body pain and increase energy. Click here more information about the technology and benefits.

Alright, so I know what you are thinking, sounds like a gimmick right?  Does it actually work?  Well, I myself don’t have any pain, so I personally couldn’t tell you if the band relieves pain, however, with that being said, I did let my mom try it out for a week or so and she said it actually does work.  My mom tends to get foot cramps at night and after a few days and nights of wearing the band (it is recommended to wear it all the time for it to work properly) she did say that she didn’t experience any cramps at all and she managed to sleep peacefully throughout the night.

As for the other benefits it promotes, I do find my balance to be much better when I am working out.  In group power we often have to do tons of dynamic lunges and stretches that require a lot of balance and usually I have to hold on to the wall or I’m wobbling all over the place.  With the band I have noticed an increased sense of balance and more sturdiness.

So how is this band different from those other ones out there?  I personally couldn’t tell you because this is pretty much the only one I have ever tried.  I can say though that it actually works.  There are medical studies to back it up as well as a variety of athletes that endorse the product.  The thing that is the most special about it is the minerals in the actual product.  Everything about it is supposed to help you health-wise.  From the silicone to even the hologram sticker, it is made in such a way to help your well-being (and the fact that it comes in cute colours is a plus in my opinion).

Sorry for the blurriness! Damn you auto-focus!

So where can you pick one up?  Well, they are available in a variety of different colours and two versions (FUSION Dual Hologram Ti and FUSION PRO Ti – the model with the titanium) and are available on their official website.

Ziggy loves his Fusion Power Bandz!

And now the fun part!  I am giving away a Fusion Power Bandz Dual Hologram Ti band in white (valued at $30 CDN) to one lucky reader!  The contest is open internationally from now until July 31, 2011!  To enter all you got to do is subscribe to my blog!  How do you subscribe you ask?  Look to the top of this page and where it says “Subscribe!”, click, enter your details, and you are all set!  If you want a double entry, then leave a comment below with your summer workout tips!  I would love to read them!  The winner will be chosen by Good luck!

UPDATE: Dealfind has a promotion going on right now, for $15 you can get your own Fusion Power Band (regular $34.99 CDN).  I believe that the deal is available to all Canadians for the next couple of days.  Check it out here.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Contest is open from July 7 – 31, 2011.  Winner will be contacted by August 6, 2011.  If the winner does not reply with their particulars by August 10, 2011 another winner will be chosen.  Contest is open internationally to both male and females.  If a male wins, the colour of the band may vary (due to sizing issues).  The winner will be chosen by

Please note that I have absolutely no affiliation with Fusion Power Bandz.  I do not work for the company and paid for my own personal band with my own money. The prize band was given to me for a giveaway from the company but in no way did that affect my opinion on the product.  I purchased my band about a month and a half ago so I have sufficiently tested it out and seen it’s benefits.